May 16, 2011

last week

Last week was somewhat busy, I didn't feel like doing anything because it was Prom week. And since Monday was a PA day the week was shorter than usual and many of us couldn't wait till prom. So I went over to Yvette's house in the morning and we just chilled the whole day and then around 1ish we started getting ready and lol we didn't have to leave the house until 5:45. But we're girls and it takes us longer to get ready ^^ So I don't remember if I've mentioned this in the previous posts but I did make my Prom dress, and the first 2 pictures are it. It took me 4 days and during prom week I did some touch-ups, and I only spent under $60 on it (Y) So I like clothes that are versatile and can be worn in different styles, so this dress has 3 lengths to it. Shorter bubble skirt, knee length bubble skirt and flowy [calf length], I chose to wear it knee length. And of course I love bows so I added one big one to the back of my dress. And Yvette's sister did my hair, I really like it cause a lot of people thought I cut my hair but it was just [tightly] curled and then pinned up with bobby pins. I actually am considering cutting my hair shoulder length.. which is really short for me.

 Anyways the night was very enjoyable and memorable but honestly Prom wasn't that great.. it was ok, I mean it wasn't the best thing I've ever been to but I didn't regret it either. Omg and the food was also pretty good, first they served salad, then pasta, and chicken [with potatoes & veggies] and last but not least dessert :D as you can see in the 3rd picture from the bottom up. It was vanilla and chocolate ice cream wrapped in a crepe and then dipped in chocolate and of course the chocolate hardened and decorated with fruits and chocolate and strawberry syrup. Mmm it was really good, I wanted seconds but they only gave 1 portion for each person ahah. Ooh there was also a chocolate fountain/ fondue table lol seen in the picture above the ice cream dessert.. mm I had chocolate dipped banana [which is my favourite fruit] and haha I made that face x ~ x -- doesn't look like it at all. And the night ended with slow songs.. meaning slow dances lol and then of course after parties, I was invited to Go for Tea but couldn't, instead I just went home at like 12:30 and slept at 1am. Was so tired the next morning; I had to go to the library for English, my group and I were meeting up to practice for presentations. Haha we goofed off though, we took pictures with my friend's webcam.. was fun :D

Anyways this week isn't too chaotic, but just a month and like 2 and a half more weeks until exams/ graduation, then I'm done high school.... then summer *sighs* 

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  1. You made your own dress? How clever! It's so cute and so economical. It sure beats those $$$$ designer dresses that can't be worn again.

    I'm glad you enjoyed the food too. I remember the food at my prom SUCKED and I was starving at the end of the night haha


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