Aug 30, 2011

it's almost over

Omg *drools* I am so hungry right now. ^ Sushi in Hong Kong

So school starts in about a week and to be honest I don't want summer to end, I mean my summer vacation was so much fun and unforgettable but school is coming way too fast. I know that a lot of my friend's are moving away for school and some are just downtown but I'm going to miss the whole high school atmosphere. 

Lately I've just been reading manga [nerdy.. I know], hanging out with friend's as much as possible and well preparing for school. Orientation is this Wednesday then I got a mandatory assessment test on Thursday for school, oh man.. reviewing math is not fun. And what else, yeah I'm just going to miss high school. But the one thing that I know I won't is the uniform, it'll be nice getting to wear whatever I want for college. It's just the having to choose what to wear every morning is going to be a hassle D: 

Another adventure in life...

Aug 23, 2011

nothing like it

Omg it's good to be home, been home since Saturday. This vacation has been the first without my parents and longest.. I think haha. But honestly it was a lot of fun and I wish to visit again next summer. I went with my brother and sister and we stayed with out aunt. She is so much fun and cool; there were so many memorable and funny moments with her. So in that vacation we've visited Macau, Beijing, Korea and of course Hong Kong. I loved every part of it.. well maybe except for the hot hot sun, though I did get a slight tan from the sun exposure. The vacation has been such an amazing experience for me and it wouldn't have happened if it weren't for my parents, I can't thank them and my aunt enough for this trip :) Now I'm back to my regular schedule.. waiting for school to start and begin my journey to the world of fashion.

Aug 11, 2011

still abroad

So I'm still vacationing in Hong Kong and will be back to Canada on the 20th; I know I said I would try to do some posts while I'm here, but for some reason the pictures won't load and I hate doing posts that are picture-less. So when I get back I will post some pics of my amazing time here. It's been quite some trip so far; been to Macau, Beijing, Korea and of course Hong Kong.. all in one summer. I've got to admit though, it's been a memorable summer vacation filled with laughter, fun and love. Won't forget it.

till then, hopefully I'll be back home~