Feb 25, 2011

weird weather

Last week the weather was so nice, like it was actually sunny (and hot) outside, I was able to wear shorts with leggings and my blazer and now I'm back to my winter coat and my knit scarf (last picture). It was so nice, and then all of a sudden in the beginning of the week its like -10 degrees.. seriously?! Ughh I hate that the weather keeps changing I'm never prepared for it @ - @ So today we had our English test, and to be honest it was hard. Everything was so specific and the matching part was also had some stuff we haven't learned yet. I failed that but I have to make up for it on Monday, which is our part 2 written portion in essay format. So I have to make notes for that sometime tomorrow. I also had to take my grad picture today. It was ok, but you know how sometimes the photographer positions you, or tilts your head a certain way and they tell you to hold still for a second? Well its hard doing that and feeling awkward/uncomfortable because you're not use to sitting like that. Oh well, I hope they turned out fine though. And I kept looking at the mirror, seeing if my make-up was still intact. When I got home I kinda cleaned up a bit in my room lol and I was looking at all my nail polish. I found 4 that were (almost) dried up, its so sad :( they were pretty colours too. After looking at all of them, I decided to paint my nails, the colour is a purple/magenta/violet colour. I would call it Electric Wave lol but its really called Lady Minx, and its from MAC. Whenever I paint my nails, I always tend to screw up one nail or accidentally scratch it against something. And it sucks that my nail polish remover is almost finished. There's literally like 1-2 mL left o - O Anyways tomorrow I'm going to out for my friend's birthday, its going to be fun =] ok well back to whatever I was doing... which was what again?

Feb 22, 2011

lots of reading to do

I'm just doing my English homework, we're reading a book called "Northrop Frye" and its only 6 chapters but they're 6 lectures about literature and why it is important to us. Yeah, we have to answer questions for each chapter and we have a test on Friday. Ooh speaking of Friday, I have to take my grad picture on that day, it's after school and I have spare last period... so much time to kill @ - @ hopefully I won't get too bored. Hmm what else.. oh I'm planning to make my prom dress, yes with my own two hands :P lol I'm not sure of the colour yet but I think it will be either red or blue (Y) I have to go fabric hunting soon, anyways I'm going to get back to English... ^^

Feb 16, 2011

it's starting to feel like spring

(^ I've been looking for a thinning knife for a while and I finally found one, and for a good price, $4)
(^ the handle can either be on the right or left side, depending on which side you're using to cut/trim your hair)
        (^ it has a dial so you can make the blade.....)
                                 (^ long or.....)
                                 (^ short....)
                             (^ v other side of the trimmer)

       (^ ahah even though I can't read it, I thought the pictures were cute)

Wow... I think that's the most pictures I've put up in one post @ - @ lol oh well. Anyways today I had last period spare so I went to Pacific Mall with my friend. lol excuse the fact that I'm not wearing shoes in the 2nd, 3rd and 4th picture, i was walking home and my boots got pretty dirty so I didn't want to wear them in my room. I shall clean them later :P anyways back to my story. So yeah for a while I've been looking for a thinning knife for my hair and I wasn't able to find a good quality one for a good price but then today I did (Y), like I said above it was only $4... so cheap :D it works really well and doesn't hurt at all (Y). Yes, I already tried it out lol I also love how there are two side to it, one side is for cutting/trimming more hair while the other is for less. There's also a dial so you can make the blade longer or shorter... longer= cutting/trimming off more hair, while shorter= cutting/trimming less hair. I really love it, and it was a good purchase. Ooh also my dad made noodles for me when I got home, as shown in the pictures above, and there was a piece of fried fish on the side.. yummy ^^ . Oh yeah so remember those boots that I got for $20? well I wore them today and omg my feet hurt a lot, especially since I had to walk home... but they're so pretty lol I still love them though :P and I'm starting to wear this purple scarf a lot, it's more of a magenta colour and has a skull pattern on it. I like the colour and my aunt got it for me from Hong Kong. Anyways the weather here is starting to get better, and it feels like Spring is right around the corner :) yay but it was still pretty windy today, even though I wore my blazer. Tomorrow we have a music competition, I hope we do well (Y) ty Mr. Anton for everything you've prepared us for and never giving up on us :) we'll play our best tomorrow ^^

Feb 14, 2011

can't stop yawning

I know I already did a post for today but omg I am so tired, and I know its only 11pm but my philosophy paper is taking forever. My limit is 800 words, and my teacher said not to go over. Right now I have 778 words, 22 more words to go and I'm still trying to finish my conclusion paragraph.... T - T arggg

I just want to sleep (S)

2-in-1 post

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone, and I know there are people out there who can care less about this day, but its nice to see people happy.

Anyways on Saturday, I went out with my sister and dad and I got ankle boots for $20 :O. Urban Planet was having a sale for boots, $15, $20 & $25 boots. Amazing prices. And so I just had to get a pair, plus they were cheap. And the first 2 pictures were my outfit for the day. My black jacket, a plaid shirt with a brown belt, a purple scarf with skulls on it, leggings, leg warmers and my boots :P Ooh the plaid shirt was my dad's but he doesn't wear it anymore so now I have it, and even though its over sized, its nice to wear it with a belt or just leave it as it is. 

Onto today, so yes today is Valentine's Day and I usually don't curl my hair but I did, just for fun. I curled it last night, [and it took forever] slept on it and re-curled some in the morning. I don't use hairspray on my hair cause the smell makes me dizzy and it gets hard after. So I just combed it and put a headband in it, nothing special. And we were able to wear either a pink or red shirt, obviously I wore red and the shirt suits the day :P Ooh and I also tried to take a picture of the back of my hair [somewhat fail], cause I had a feeling that some pieces of hair were still straight, but turns out it was curled. I also went home early today, cause I had spare last period and I wanted to start on my philosophy paper, its 700-800 words and I'm only at 200 @ - @, long way to go. Anyways I should get back to it :/

Feb 4, 2011

not happening

So yesterday, I said I was going to do an outfit post for today but I'm going to scratch that idea. Things are so hectic, what with college admissions and omg homework is piling up too. Sorry :( So I'll compensate by putting pictures of me in Payless trying on a pair of boots. The first 2 picture are the same boots, black studded ankle boots, $59.99 and the last picture were the boots I was wearing when entering the store :P anyways back to reality.

Feb 3, 2011

2011: year of the rabbit

        Kung Hei Fat Choi ^^ Happy Chinese & Lunar New Year 

I was suppose to do an outfit post but I was busy with homework so I'll just post them tomorrow. Anyways the first three pictures above are from Pacific Mall, that's their decoration for the main stage. It was so pretty that I had to take a picture of it :P and the last two are the Chinese Lucky Candy that's given out during this time. I love eating them but I use to not like it cause it was strawberry flavour but now I can't get enough of them. The candy signifies good luck and fortune to those who give it to you ^^ Ooh on another note, I got accepted to 2/5 programs that I applied for, but those were my 3rd and 4th choice. I'm still waiting for my 2 main programs, I hope I get accepted because the 2 that I got accepted for is only for 1 year and I feel that it should be longer than a year. But let's just hope for the best (Y). Also I'm going to try to write/type more properly, in my past posts I hardly capitalized "I" or any other word after a period and all you would see are words underlined with a red dotted line.. darn you spell check lol just joking. I also realized that when I'm typing these posts, most of the time it doesn't flow, like it's just random thoughts popping into my head and I'm just typing them as I go. Now I shall reread the post before clicking 'Publish Post' okay well I'm done for the day. Oh shoot, I just remembered that we're getting our report cards tomorrow T - T

Feb 2, 2011

awesome (Y)

                        (from my bedroom window, so much snow)
                                        (frozen snowflakes)
                                         (frozen snowflakes)
                                (water droplets on my window)

awesome, today is a snow day :D meaning i stayed home from school but i had to shovel my driveway... lol on the other hand i played (board) games with my family since my sister's university was also closed and well my brother and i go to the same school. we played snakes and ladders, (lol classic game), chinese checkers (which i learned how to play today), poker (i lost to my dad T - T), mahjong, and a whole bunch of card games... it was fun ^^ and for lunch we had burgers, fries and chicken nuggets... we ran out of mayonnaise so we tried to make our own... lol that's right home made mayonnaise, trust me it wasn't easy and it somewhat failed but it tasted ok in the end :P
so yesterday i was in room and it was like 9pm, i was kinda bored and just played around with my make-up. and i usually don't wear make up, so the first 3 pics of me are with make-up and the last 2 is me without. i was wearing eyeshadow, trying to go for a subtle smokey look lol don't know if it worked out but you know trying will get you somewhere (Y)
oh yeah and i find when i wear make-up i don't like to wear my glasses, i feel like it hides the look you're trying to create. but too bad i have to cause i don't own contacts.
anyways tomorrow is Chinese New Year :D i'll try to wear some kind of red, though my school has uniform and i'll do a post tomorrow for sure :)