Aug 30, 2012

style me up

Hii everyone, I didn't do much today. Did a few errands, like renewing my Fabric Land card and some laundry. So I only started wearing this shirt recently and I'm already in love with it. It was my mom's and now it's mine. It sorta reminds me of the Victorian era, with the ruffles, the high collar, the side button-up and the colours. Though I tried to make it more modern and styled the shirt 4 ways:

I think its a cute blouse and it works for a casual day like today. Oh and my bag use to be my sister's but she never used it so I asked if I could take it off her hands. And I've had these loafer/oxford-like shoes that I've only worn like 2 times.. and today was the 3rd time. They're like a dark chocolate colour and they'd look cute if you paired them with socks, stockings or you can just wear them with ballet flat socks.. I didn't know what they were called so I just googled it. I'm sure there's a correct term though. Anyway here's a GIF haha:

Okay so new topic, last week.. I think it was Friday, I made a new pair of jean shorts. They're not your typical pair of shorts, meaning I don't think you'd find anything like these in a store today. It took me 2 days to make them and I used McCalls M5857 Misses’ Shorts pattern for it. I had trouble with the zipper and adjusting it to fit my body. I have a small waist and bigger hips.. it's hard to find pants that fit haha. Well here's some pictures:

Although these took me 2 days to make and it was worth the wait. A lot of hard work and determination went into the process of the shorts, I'm glad they came out well. 

Hope you enjoyed the post, happy [almost] long weekend~


School is less then a week away and I'm sorta excited; I get to see friends again, do some hwrk, procrastinate, have late nights doing hwrk that I've procrastinated and etc. I know it sounds a bit nerdy that I'm happy school's coming but seriously.. 4 months of summer gets kinda boring after the first 2 months. At the same time I'm not saying I'd rather have 2 months of summer, its just that 4 months is a super long time when you're jobless and have no friends.. haha just kidding I have friends.. :] Anyway although I'm excited about school, I'm a bit sad that summer's slowly coming to an end. 

At least I visited the CNE... yesterday ^^ I went with 2 of my friends and we had a blast. Tried some deep fried butter [sounds disgusting but tasted pretty good] and beaver tails [not real one's lol], stood in the cold and windy weather to watch my friend perform in a parade/sit down concert, had the best gyro's EVER, and it was just a day filled with fun and good people. Remember how I said I wanted to visit at least 10+ times? haha that's obviously not going to happen, considering the CNE is only for 18 days :P Oh well but I am planning to go again this Friday with my sister. We usually go every year and since it's a Friday.. well why not :] 

Mmm I know this is quite a wordy post, and I usually have pictures.. uhh here's one to compensate, I feel like I've posted about this already but its a anti-bacterial hand gel [aka hand sanitizer] that my sis got for me.. it's from Bath & Body Works; it's scent is Fresh Picked Tangerines. I absolutely love citrus-y smells, scents and flavours. It's just so fresh and clean.. if that even makes sense haha:

Aug 27, 2012

sequins, pearls and all that jazz

Ever since I found out these existed [catalogues] I've been in love with them. Haha I just love looking at all the furniture and desks etc. that they have for the season. Although I'm still living at home with my parents, I wish to one day buy my furniture and etc. from Ikea.. though by then hopefully I'll be rich haha or at least with a good job. But then again, who knows what the future holds for us.

Anyway I went to school again to buy the rest of my textbooks and then headed downtown with a friend to buy some fabric for school. Of course we [mainly me] got distracted and went into King's Textiles which is relocating soon. So they had a gigantic sale.. like a whole roll of fabric for $1?!?! Like seriously that's cheap! And trims and etc were like $1-2 so of course I got a few things. I was looking for vintage-y type buttons but I couldn't find any that I like, but I did get some pearl looking beads, and applique.. well I'm not really sure what to call it but it was pretty and caught my eye:

And last but not least I did some clothes shopping :O Okay well I only bought 1 top but it was pretty, cheap and I liked the colour combination. It only cost $5 and I got it from a little boutique/store called Spoof [350 Queen Street West] It's a really cute store and they were selling a lot of chiffon/flow-y type tops and blouses:

I think it needs a good ironing ahah

Well that's it for today~ school starts soon D:

Aug 23, 2012

seven hundred and thirteen

Yay nail polish, to be honest I haven't done my nails in a while and I thought eh why not? I chose this coral colour that I got when I was visiting Korea last summer. It's a really nice colour and it stands out (Y) I also have one in blue, which I have yet to try haha.

Anyway I was trying out some looks with make up, not that I have special occasions to wear make up to haha. My sister said I was wearing too much, but from the looks of a picture.. it's not that noticeable:

Yeah I have wayy too much fun making GIF's ahhaha. But yeah, I think the only pic where it looks like I'm wearing 'a lot' of make up is the 3rd picture. Other then that.. maybe some eyeliner and shadow and that's about it. 

Oh on a more active note, I've been playing badminton a lot these past 2 weeks. It's a sport that I love [though not the best at] and its the only thing that keeps me active.. haha sad, I know. But its obviously better then nothing.

Aug 20, 2012

what a time we live in

Wahhh look at all these snacks, mmm so delicious.. I wish I could have them all.. but then again I'd gain a lot of weight haha. Anyway last week I spent 2 days just hanging out with my friends, we had a horror movie fest. at Yvette's place and watched A Nightmare on Elm Street [2010 version], The Grudge, Shutter Island and The Intouchables [a French movie, though not horror]. And I went out for Pho with another group of friends and then played Monopoly Deal and Just Dance for the rest of the night. I had a blast :]

Anyway I got 2 items of clothing recently from Yvette, I was so happy when she said I could have them. Thanks again Yve ^^ so one is a navy blue skirt with a sailor like design on it, almost like a collar around the skirt. It also has pockets.. lol I love a skirt with pockets because I need somewhere to put my hands and my phone :] And the other is a floral/leaf print dress, which could be strapless or not. I absolutely love the pleating all around the dress, it's so simple and it flares out sooo nicely. And they're already been worn out hahah. Well here's some pics:

Cute ^^ anyway that's about it for today. I'm planning to go to the CNE at least 5+ times this summer since it's only open for about 3 weeks, haha I try I try. And not to mention the weather's been super nice this week and it's only going to get better... I'll probably go outside and play some badminton. Have a lovely week~

Aug 15, 2012

break time

Haven't blogged in about 2 weeks? Who know, I'm not counting... anyway today I went by school to buy some of the textbooks I need for the coming semester.. sadly some weren't even in stock so I gotta go back on Monday.

And guess what??? I've been doing some sewing projects!! Well just one, but still better then nothing (Y) and I took some more pictures of my [new] dress that I blogged about last time:

Yeahh I know way too 'cross process-y', I took these using my dad's tablet and played around with the effects.. though for this filter I couldn't adjust anything... oh well.

And now for my collar :D ok so about a week ago I did some doodling in my sketchbook and it got me thinking that I should make a collar, I've always wanted to try out this DIY. So here's some sketches and pictures of the collar:

I'm really happy with the way it turned out and it was exactly how I imagined it to be. It's sorta funny because I added the tie as a last minute detail. Originally it was suppose to have a hook and eye for closure and a black ribbon, but this looks better (Y)

Wow okay well I'm done for today.. and haha random but I'm starving.

Aug 8, 2012

time for an upgrade

Hii everyone, I feel like as school is slowly approaching I'm more in the mood for sewing projects. I did another one today on a very old dress that I've had since I was a kid. It was really loose on me before but now it fits just perfectly. It has a peter pan collar, button up, and it's floral printed. Adorable. But there was one thing that had always been a bit off, the long sleeves. I just didn't like it, so at first I cut it as a cap sleeve.. didn't like it either, so I went for sleeveless and it turned out just how I wanted it to. I was suppose to take a before and after picture like always but I forgot the before pic, so here's me with a fail attempt of the sleeves after it was cut off... it kept sliding off my arms haha:

I really like the design and the floral pattern, and the trim around the collar... details, details, details :] oh and it has straps [I don't know what to call it] on the sides so I can tie it at the back.

Anyway I just love this dress even more now... imagine it as a romper ^^ cute. That's it for today, night~

Aug 6, 2012

I love clothes!

Wow another month left then school starts.. I still need to get my schedule for school haha. Anyway on Saturday I hung out at Yve's house and we watched some movies and the Olympics and for dinner we went for pork bone soup at this Korean restaurant. It's been so long since we both had it and as always it was amazing. 

And I've recently discovered a new store, they have a location downtown in China Town and I've wanted them to open another one since dt is so far from me. And luckily one was opened up at STC. It's called Katie and atm I swear all of their clothing is super summer-y, flowy, chiffon, sheer.. everything and anything I would wear during the summer. Unfortunately I am jobless and slightly broke [not really, but I need money during the school year] and I haven't been able to update my wardrobe very much. Although I agree that I do have a lot of clothes and I have donated a lot already.. *sighs* problems of being a girl.. haha. Anyway I was about to snap a few pics of their clothing:

And what I love about this store is that they always have a $4.99-$9.99 rack haha I love amazing clothes for cheap prices. It's so pretty :]

glasses-less for once ^^

happy long weekend!