Aug 30, 2012


School is less then a week away and I'm sorta excited; I get to see friends again, do some hwrk, procrastinate, have late nights doing hwrk that I've procrastinated and etc. I know it sounds a bit nerdy that I'm happy school's coming but seriously.. 4 months of summer gets kinda boring after the first 2 months. At the same time I'm not saying I'd rather have 2 months of summer, its just that 4 months is a super long time when you're jobless and have no friends.. haha just kidding I have friends.. :] Anyway although I'm excited about school, I'm a bit sad that summer's slowly coming to an end. 

At least I visited the CNE... yesterday ^^ I went with 2 of my friends and we had a blast. Tried some deep fried butter [sounds disgusting but tasted pretty good] and beaver tails [not real one's lol], stood in the cold and windy weather to watch my friend perform in a parade/sit down concert, had the best gyro's EVER, and it was just a day filled with fun and good people. Remember how I said I wanted to visit at least 10+ times? haha that's obviously not going to happen, considering the CNE is only for 18 days :P Oh well but I am planning to go again this Friday with my sister. We usually go every year and since it's a Friday.. well why not :] 

Mmm I know this is quite a wordy post, and I usually have pictures.. uhh here's one to compensate, I feel like I've posted about this already but its a anti-bacterial hand gel [aka hand sanitizer] that my sis got for me.. it's from Bath & Body Works; it's scent is Fresh Picked Tangerines. I absolutely love citrus-y smells, scents and flavours. It's just so fresh and clean.. if that even makes sense haha:

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