Aug 8, 2012

time for an upgrade

Hii everyone, I feel like as school is slowly approaching I'm more in the mood for sewing projects. I did another one today on a very old dress that I've had since I was a kid. It was really loose on me before but now it fits just perfectly. It has a peter pan collar, button up, and it's floral printed. Adorable. But there was one thing that had always been a bit off, the long sleeves. I just didn't like it, so at first I cut it as a cap sleeve.. didn't like it either, so I went for sleeveless and it turned out just how I wanted it to. I was suppose to take a before and after picture like always but I forgot the before pic, so here's me with a fail attempt of the sleeves after it was cut off... it kept sliding off my arms haha:

I really like the design and the floral pattern, and the trim around the collar... details, details, details :] oh and it has straps [I don't know what to call it] on the sides so I can tie it at the back.

Anyway I just love this dress even more now... imagine it as a romper ^^ cute. That's it for today, night~

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