Feb 28, 2012

I forgot...


So as you can obviously tell, I've given my blog a makeover... it's been a while anyway and I kinda got bored of the old look; now it's more simple and less clustered. Anyway I updated my "blogs I follow" list and as I was going through my posts I noticed that I forgot my blog's birthday this year :( it was on January 24th and I've had this blog for 2 years now :) It's kinda funny because I did a post on the 23rd and me (having the worst memory ever) didn't remember that the day after was my blog's anniversary. Yeah so I wanted to make up for it and updated my blog... and all the pictures in this one post.. which I don't usually do :P 

Okay so let's begin, I haven't gone shopping in a while and when I did (last week) I did a lot... some of the clothes above are somewhat old but still new, and by that I mean I haven't worn them yet so they're technically still new (Y) Though the only thing I have been wearing a lot is the yellow colour block sweater, I absolutely love it and it's super warm. I got it at Urban Planet, and I was contemplating whether I should get it or not.. I almost didn't lol. I'll get to wear the others when the weather lightens up. So Spring has yet to hit Markham and I'm freezing my butt off; this week so far I have seen nothing but sun and that's a good thing but apparently it's going to snow again.. I do not understand the weather sometimes; it's weird. And I'm actually on my reading week.. or "study" week as others call it, and so far I've only done homework yesterday, and I have (quite) a lot to do.. I'm so screwed. Procrastination will really be the death of me and my sleep D:

Update on school: we've been dyeing fabrics in my textiles class for the past week and it's so much fun, though it's quite messy and my hands were all blue :P But I love all the different designs you can create using fabric manipulations and just stitching a couple of lines and pulling the threads in order to get the desired result. And a few weeks back we did marbling, which is the 4th and 5th picture from the end. I thought that was pretty cool as well.

What else... oh yeah so I've had my G1 license for about 2 years (I think) and I haven't gotten my G2 yet. So like any other teenager would do, I went to driving school. And that consisted of in class/car lessons; I've already finished the in class and still doing the in car. I can't wait till I get my G2.. and a car.. and a job where I can drive my new car to haha *sighs* oh well 

Happy (super) belated birthday w r a p p e d . u p;


Feb 15, 2012

what a week

A compilation of pictures from the week so far.. including the weekend. I had a midterm on Monday and I was freaking out during the weekend, but it went well, or so I hope so. It's funny cause before this, I didn't really know what a midterm was and this was my first. And of course yesterday was Valentine's Day.. as you can tell by my outfit post above. I was initially going to wear red but I was looking all over my closet for my lace shirt [above] and finally found it, decided to wear that instead (Y) and my red bow headband :P Mmm I've been working a lot of sketches and my dress design for this semester, which I absolutely love and I hope it turns out well. We actually have to make it out of real fabric, and when I say real I mean not the material the school gives us, which is muslin. So I'm want to do it in a sheer/ chiffon-ish material that has a floral print on it. Haha my friend pointed out that she has very long legs.. and yeah she does but she fits into the 9 heads foundation, and the dress will be a little bit above knee length :D Well next week is reading week or some may call it study week for those in Uni, while us college students get it the week after.. well not sure if it applies to all colleges. Gonna be a fun day tomorrow, we're dyeing fabrics woo.

anyway I've got a crapload of homework and projects due next week and the week after my reading week... :( wish me luck