Sep 30, 2012

its time for you

Today's OOTD, I felt very preppy today.

MAC Screening Room

DIY lace/crochet trim shorts, they use to be knee length so I made them shorter and added a cute trim to it.

DIY skirt to shorts, above is a picture of what the shorts looked like before when it was a skirt.

Happy birthday to my sis, she's 21 today ^^ Anyway till next Friday, have a great week~

Sep 29, 2012

branches and twigs

Woo finally a Forever 21 opened up at Markville Mall, 'bout time! Haha so we got some coupons that give you $5 off your next purchase of $50 or more. And I'm planning to use them :] Here is a collage of the store and some really nicely dressed mannequins:

Ooh and I found a really pretty LBD [little black dress] for my sister, kind of her birthday present haha. It was only $12.50.. that's cheap! Anyway here's her wearing it and the dress itself on a hanger.

I always find such nice things for her and nothing for myself.. haha sad, and I feel like a stylist sometimes hehe ^^ cute dress though, right? I really liked the geometric print on it [trend alert!] and the mesh yoke on the front and back, and of course the sweetheart neckline just adds a girly touch to the hard geometric print.

Next up, today's OOTD. I got to wear my patterned tights today (Y) and a cardigan that I've had for a while but its my first time wearing it. It's seafoam green and has a scoop neckline.. which I usually don't like in cardigans because most of the one's that I have are a v-neckline. But nonetheless it looks good together:

So I've been wearing these black suede booties a lot, I just feel like they go with almost anything. And my black high waist shorts [I have like 2 pairs] are like a staple item of clothing for me. I don't know, I just really liked the outfit for today. And we went to dim sum for my sister's birthday as well as mine. Since they're so close together.

And last but not least, I did a little sewing DIY project yesterday. I made a circle skirt ^^ I've wanted one for a while and thought why not just make one.. had a little bit of difficulty with the zipper.. I only had a navy blue one.. I used it anyway. Haha it looks off a bit, should have gotten a black or silver one though. Well I drafted my own pattern for the skirt and waistband and it has 4 side seams instead of 2:

Sep 28, 2012

over and over and over

Hii everyone, TGIF :D
So according to my sister a new Forever 21 has a grand opening tomorrow at Markville Mall in Markham. Woo I am soooooo going to that, can't wait (Y)
Anyway another edition of the OOTW for this week, and it's also Nuit Blanche tomorrow night from 7pm-7am.. unfortunately I can't go, it's my sister's birthday on Sunday so obviously we're going out for dinner. But that's cool, I've got a lot of years ahead of me to attend at least once :]

Monday was a bit cold but warm enough to at least wear stockings. I'm really loving this red plaid double breasted coat that I have, I got it from my aunt a few years back.

Tuesday I had just one class and I wore a lot of black that day.. lol don't know why but gave a pop of colour with the purple stockings and flats.

Wednesday is this week's favourite outfit. I've had this black blazer with a lace cut out at the back, and this is the first time I've ever worn it. I guess I was just waiting for an outfit worthy of it, and I think it looks good. Haha so despite the sun on Wednesday, it was actually windy and while I was on my way home I was freezing... not a great idea to wear shorts and something with a cut out haha. Ooh and my 9:50 morning class was cancelled and my next class was at 1:30.. so I went to pmall with some friends. And obviously we got food (Y)

Thursday is the day where I have a 4hr break... lol so freaking long. Went to the mall and tried on some grey suede wedges from Urban Planet. They're so pretty. I didn't get them but I ended up buying some more stockings/tights which was 3 for $10!! I can't wait to wear them hehe.

My only 3hr class today was cancelled and I found out when I got to school.. man why don't teachers send out emails instead of posting a note on the door... ughh anyway this was my outfit for about 2 hrs of the day :] I've been using this bag a lot since I've been sharing a locker with my friend at school. So convenient ^^

And a while back, I got a Hello Kitty wallet. I thought it was so girly and cute.. I had to get it. Hahah not like me to be carrying a Hello Kitty wallet but it's adorable and small, and not to mention it was on sale:

Well that was a picture-heavy post for one day :] I'll be posting during the weekend. 

Have a great one~

Sep 23, 2012


Here are this weekend's OOTD, I find it surprising because I usually don't record my OOTD's for the weekend. I get lazy and Sunday nights are for homework. Anyway I didn't really do much yesterday.. and that was my 'at-home-relaxation' outfit.. lol the plaid shirt is my brother's.

And today I went to go play pool to celebrate a friend's birthday which is this Tuesday :] I had a lot of fun learning and playing.. though I missed quite a few easy shots but that's okay (Y)

Hmm since Fall began just yesterday, I'm already feeling the wind and cold air... Need to layer up some more.

Anyway have a great week, till Friday~

Sep 21, 2012

fall into fall

Hiii, yay TGIF everyone! Here is this week's OOTW, but before I get to it I just wanted to point out that whenever I do these OOTW posts, there will always be one day where I have more pictures of the outfit then others. Why you ask? Well simply because I really liked the outfit, and that's the favourite outfit of the week :] Ughh hope I explained that properly, haha anyway let's get to it.

I don't remember much about what I did on Monday but I do remember that it was quite nice that day. I'm wearing my grey 3/4 sleeve cardigan, with a striped tank, and signature high waist black [cuff] shorts and black stockings.

Hmm Tuesday's weather was getting a bit chillier; wore a thicker striped cardigan, grey tank and black leggings. Ooh and I did my nails, two coats of MAC's Anti-Fashion. It's like a mauve colour with a violet shine to it, though the picture looks like some disgusting grey-brown colour.

Okay, Wednesday was actually cold and windy. I was contemplating whether or not I should wear a scarf... I didn't and i regret it. At least I had my beanie (Y) and did some layering. I'm wearing a black blazer, with a black crop tank layered over a white tank, leggings and I'm pretty sure I wore my lace up boots with this ensemble. And I think it rained this day.

Like Wednesday, Thursday was cold but I had to break out my leather jacket. This was such a long day, I had a 4 hour break in between 2 classes and then a 3hr class D: I was so tired I just wanted to go home. Anyway on a side note, I just dressed really casual. Leather jacket, beanie, red dolman sweater, black leggings and striped socks with boots.

Haha as you can obviously tell, Friday was this week's favourite outfit of the week. It was quite nice today, though I left the house around 7:30 so it was quite chilly. That's why I wore knee high socks over my stockings in the first 2 pictures. I had only 1 class today but it was 4hrs long but I finished at 12:30. Though I stayed a bit more to finish up some homework which took another 3hrs... but that's another story. So I wore a thick grey cardigan [which is men's size, I like oversize], a shirt that I got from threadless --> click me which at the time cost me $10, black high waist shorts/stockings and a hair bow. I really like my outfit today.

And of course food.. I had pizza for lunch and steak when I got home :D

And here are the last 2 pictures of today; zoidberg... well why not? and myself. 

Happy weekend everyone.. ooh and tomorrow is the first day of fall/autumn so yes stay warm and fashionable~