Sep 3, 2012

relaxed and refined

Happy Labor Day :D hehe I spent my day at the park with my friend, Katherine and then we went to Pacific Mall.. been there 3 days in a row now :P Though I can never get sick of the place. But before hanging out with Kat, Urban Planet was having a major sale. It was their annual "buy 1 get one for $1" so of course I had to go :] I got quite a few things:

(lace t-shirt)

(floral bralette)

(sleeveless floral tie-front shirt)

(grey sweater, since fall is coming)

(navy blue "bird print" ballet flats)

(teal sneakers)

And I also got a few things from Kat which I absolutely love love love. Thanks Kat ^^

(bow print dress)

(polka dot bow headband)

(faux bejeweled nails, hehe)

And I usually don't buy facial products but this was on sale for $12.60 and my sister told me it was good:

And my sister bought me a BB cream, well it's for both of us to use :] but it blends really well with my skin and it is absolutely weightless. It feels amazing on my skin and it was only $15 D: so freaking cheap:

Man.. to be honest this summer was amazing, though it would've been better if I had a job but that's okay. Hopefully next summer or even during the year I get a job :D Anyway I start school tomorrow, and I've got a 3hr class... woo

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  1. Great purchases and deals that you found! Love the polka dot head band!

    Suzie Q

  2. Hello! Thanks for accepting my friendship on IFB =) I love those floral items you got (bra and tie shirt) and those navy plimsolls! I have a yellow pair that I have worn to death. They are so good with everything and remind me of my elementary school days =)



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