Sep 9, 2012

we're so weird

Hii everyone, how was your weekend? Mine was good, I just finished doing some homework and I came back from a party a while ago and I'm super full.. I ate too much and am probably gonna gain a few pounds haha. Anyway so this is the first picture that I've posted with me and my sister. She is 2 years older then me and together we're crazy. Haha I asked her if I could post this picture of us and she said sure (Y). So here it is; a lot of people say we look alike and behave in the same way [sometimes]. We finish each other's sentences and before saying anything we would already know what the other was thinking. Or when I'm just about to tell her something specific she says "I was gonna say that!" Haha it's kinda freaky sometimes but also cool. She can get on my nerves sometimes but then again it's only normal, and when we argue.. man it's intense; yelling, screaming, doors slamming etc. Again.. kinda scary but normal; I guess it'd be super abnormal if we didn't fight at all right? Well what I'm trying to say is that she's an awesome sister and I love her.

Anyway here's some pictures of the outfit I wore to the party today:

I'm wearing my navy blue puff sleeve polka dot cardigan, with a jersy-like dress that my sister gave me, a black bow belt, navy blue stockings, and my new "bird" print ballet flats. It was sorta cold today yet windy, I can feel the fall weather coming quickly. Gotta break out those thick knit cardigans!

Woo, have a great week everyone, I'll be back on Friday with an OOTW [Outfits of the Week] post.


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    1. SO weird. My commented posted twice, so I deleted one and now they're both gone. -_-'

      I was just sending a quick hello back to you and mentioning how cute the girly details of your outfit are. : ) You can't go wrong with a bow and polka dots!


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