Mar 29, 2012

I don't get it

Ok so apparently tomorrow its suppose to snow... like what is that?!?! Last week was freaking amazing.. like 25 degrees outside; the weather is honestly weird.. I just don't get it. Anyway I've got a pattern making quiz tomorrow.. gotta study for that. And for my sewing class, my dress is due by the end of class.. I know I'm almost done but it's still crunch time to sew that thing together.. and of course I'll take pictures (Y)

Anyway I tend to do this thing where I save pictures of clothes/shoes/bags/accessories from various sites like Yesstyle, ModCloth and Topshop. Is that weird? I have a separate folder in my pictures for it and whenever I'm browsing through the sites and I see something I like, I save it. Maybe it's my way of being able to make it in the future.. and well because I'm broke and jobless, so obviously I can't afford things from these sites. But here is a small compilation of the categories of items listed above: [picture overload]








Anyway I'm gonna study for my quiz now, hope the pictures were enjoyable. My love for bows is obviously evident haha.

Mar 27, 2012

time is ticking

So like I said yesterday all these pictures are from last week; when the weather was A LOT warmer and I happened to take pictures of food. Haha well the first picture was taken in Pmall.. yeah I'm carrying food and bubble tea [not mine] I initially went to get Copic markers at Curry's and saw a friend there. So we hung out and shopped [she did] She got 2 dresses and they were a reasonable price, $15-$20. And the picture below that is me doing my pattern making on a carpeted floor haha not the best idea ever but I needed the space :P The fabric is for my dress, remember the 'prototype'? Well now it's being made with actual fabric.. almost done, can't wait! Also I keep seeing this poster on a lot of the bus shelters and in the subways:

Haha anyway here's all the food pictures:

Apparently it's going to be 19 degrees tomorrow, that's good right?

what a downer

I don't know how, but I'm sick again... I caught a cold and I'm sneezing every 5 minutes D: and to make things worse, it honestly feels like winter again but without the snow. Yuck I hate it, last week was just amazing.. I actually got to wear shorts and a skirt. Guess we gotta wait till Summer.. or at least mid April (Y) hopefully. Anyway I've been meaning to update with pictures [not SpongeBob.. though isn't it cool?] haha but yeah, I haven't gotten to upload any pictures from my phone to my laptop yet so maybe sometime next week. I took a lot of pictures of food lol and my mom made sushi again :P

Oh yeah and we're kinda sorta renovating out kitchen; new cabinets, fridge, sink, counter top.. y'know that stuff :P Well since the sink hasn't been installed yet, we've been washing the dishes in the washroom sink haha I thought it was hilarious. Our living room is also filled with cans and utensils.. since we had to empty out our old cabinets and drawers to make room for the new ones. 

Anyway did some job hunting today, hopefully I'll get a call D: if so, it'll be my first job... kinda lame to say but true as well. And about 4 more [though I wanna say 3] weeks of school left ^^ so excited and ooh my aunt, who I visited in the Summer in HK is coming to visit, OMG :D I cannot wait for her to come.. which is on Saturday actually!!

hah well I should probably sleep.. considering I have to wake up at 7:30, yikes I better wake up >    >

Mar 16, 2012

things are brightening up

This week has been so hectic, I had a midterm today and honestly I'm pretty sure I failed it.. I even told my teacher that lol even though it's worth 5% it's kinda like a practice exam.. and if I failed this then how am I gonna possibly pass the exam? I know I overreact and over think about things sometimes but this scares me, like I'm doing perfectly fine in the class though I can't draft something on my own? It's sad and a bit pathetic.. ughh ~

Anyway the weather this week has been amazing :) sunny, a bit of wind and blue skies. And these OOTD's were taken on Tuesday.. been so busy that I had no time to do posts. Look how sunny it was :P haha. 

So I've got some illustrations done for homework:

 And I finally finished my dress, well not the final fitting.. this is just the draft or as I call it 'prototype.' There were a few things I had to fix, the shoulders were not fitting properly, I had to redraft the collar and the closure at the back should be longer:

And I went to Pmall after classes on Wednesday, apparently its their 16th anniversary yay :] and they're having some performances, and shows. I also took a picture of this cute polka dot sweatshirt with faux suspenders and a blue sweater that had a ripped look:

Anyway I really can't wait till school's over.. I need a job badly D: yay weekend

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