Oct 18, 2010


lol i have 3 leaves in my house (ahah don't ask) and i keep taking pictures of them. anyways i woke up freezing in the morning, man was it cold. uhmm i got my math quiz back today.. did good on the first 2 parts but did bad on the 3rd part > - < ahh and to make things worse i forgot my instrument at home so my teacher kinda yelled at me, then during lunch the lights in our school went out for a while and everyone freaked out... lol it was kinda funny though. then school ended and i walked home, it was quite cold. but other than that it was an interesting day today ahah. omg i need to think of something to be for halloween, i've got no ideas so far and i want to think of something creative and unique... i've run out of ideas. ahh and its my last year to dress up for halloween.
this sucks.... omg rambling too much---

- hii Cathleen :3

Oct 17, 2010

beginning to feel like fall

oh wow its really beginning to feel like fall now... though fall began a few weeks earlier :P what i love about fall is the colours of the leaves and the clothes, its all about layering and feeling warm and comfortable. lol and the picture just above is a funny looking picture of me > n < 

Oct 7, 2010

late at night

mmm ok well it's not that late... it's only 12:00 and i'm still up? i was actually just reading manga and decided to update my blog. so we got our yearbooks today and honestly, i don't like it. the cover is so plain and the photoshop jobs are pretty bad.. i mean it totally looks photoshopped. eughh anyways i'll eventually get over it and look back on it years from now and still probably hate it lol. what's new? oh right tomorrow is picture day.. time to look my best ahahah. when it comes to picture day i really do look different every year. gr 9: i've been told i look like a little kid. gr 10: glasses & braces. gr 11: short hair, glasses & retainers. and finally gr 12: new glasses, long hair, and brace free :D. hopefully i won't look like a 'kid' for my grad pic. oh yeah and the pic above has nothing to do w/ this post.. i just really like those drinks.. yummy      
                                                   - off to bed, night

Oct 3, 2010

HBD to Me =]

wow its been exactly 2 month and 3 days since my last post... ughh I've been busy ever since school started and I have tried to stop procrastinating, but we all know how hard that is :P oh yeah I also got new glasses, hehe i followed the trend of those 'nerdy' style glasses ^^ mmm what else has been up with me. oh yeah lol like the title says, its my birthday :D got lots of money, ate some dim sum and later on, some cake =] It is now fall, and the weather has been getting colder. It's not like I hate cold weather but its a good break from the hot summer heat.