Oct 18, 2010


lol i have 3 leaves in my house (ahah don't ask) and i keep taking pictures of them. anyways i woke up freezing in the morning, man was it cold. uhmm i got my math quiz back today.. did good on the first 2 parts but did bad on the 3rd part > - < ahh and to make things worse i forgot my instrument at home so my teacher kinda yelled at me, then during lunch the lights in our school went out for a while and everyone freaked out... lol it was kinda funny though. then school ended and i walked home, it was quite cold. but other than that it was an interesting day today ahah. omg i need to think of something to be for halloween, i've got no ideas so far and i want to think of something creative and unique... i've run out of ideas. ahh and its my last year to dress up for halloween.
this sucks.... omg rambling too much---

- hii Cathleen :3

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