Jul 28, 2012

good time

Happy birthday Yve :D ily, and you shall soon receive your present.

So yesterday for Yve's surprise birthday, me and another friend took her out to a 'Paint-it-Yourself' Ceramics studio. It was so much fun and we chose mugs and a cookie jar to paint. Initially I didn't know what to paint so I just chose some colours and started. We're going to pick up our items next week after they burn it and glaze it. Yay, I really cannot wait :]

And my OOTD pic is kinda blurry, I bought this cardigan for $10 at Sirens, and although you can't really tell, it's navy blue.. as well as my stockings lol.

happy weekend everyone~

Jul 25, 2012

gonna be quite a week

Hii everyone, so today I went for sushi with a bunch of friends and we ordered this many mousse's:

Yeahh we had a hard time finishing them haha but it's all good, we were just really full after. Then we went to the park and had a water fight. Man, I was soaked.. it's weird cause the back of my shirt and pants were more wet then the front. Meh, anyway after that the girls headed to another friend's place and we watched Drag Me to Hell. I honestly think that this movie is funny, though my friends say otherwise :P but it's just because I like scary/thriller movies. And she made chocolate dipped strawberries. [yeah I know, too much on the editing]

And a while ago my dad bought a tablet haha I find it so funny cause he's never had a cell before and now a tablet. But he's good with it now, though every once and a while he'll ask me some questions:

Anyway that's it for today, be back another day :D oh and happy belated birthday Jaclyne ^^

Jul 22, 2012

opposing benches

Went to yum cha [dim sum] with the family :D we went after church and I was starving since I woke up this morning, but as always I ate a lot and was super full after. The weather was super hot today, like 32 degrees but it rained really hard a while ago. I kinda went a little overboard with rain pics and been making them into GIF's haha it amuses me.

Anyway today's OOTD is just a simple green and black colour block dress with a brown skinny belt, I paired it with a white cardigan and black flats. Though with the weather I didn't need the cardigan.

happy weekend~

Jul 18, 2012

experienced needed

Hii everyone, so today I had a job interview. It was my first one actually (Y) and I think it went well but not well enough for me to get hired. I'm sure they would pick someone who at least has some experience in a job unlike me [never worked in my life] Which I know is rather sad, but I just hate the fact that I know I would be such a good worker/employee but I'm less likely to get hired because of my lack of experience. Ughh I just know I would be an amazing worker, I'm so hard working and I will do anything it takes, I learn really quickly and am also responsible. Well you win some you lose some... what else can I do. At least I've been called back for an interview, so I guess that's a start. Anyway enough ranting for today. 

As for today's OOTD, I had an interview so this is what I wore. I made the tube top myself from a men's t-shirt and I added the bow/strap for a cute feel to it. And I borrowed the skirt from my sister, it was quite loose on me, hence the belt. And well I always like to wear stockings when I'm wearing a skirt. Ooh and I love the wedge boots above, and I got the bag from my friend Kat for my birthday last year.

Jul 17, 2012

lemons and pie

Lol don't mind the title, it was the first thing I thought of. Anyway I had the worst sleep last night, it was super hot in my room [though the AC was on] and I just kept tossing and turning for about an hour and a half D: It was really hard to fall asleep. And I didn't really do much today; I did go to McD's and I got a drumstick mcflurry and some fries :D I love fries <3

Ooh I also painted my nails a minty blue colour, mint is such a trendy colour this season and it is a must! Sadly my nails got ruined after helping my brother clean his room. There was tape involved and tape+painted nails=chipping and disaster. In the end I had to remove the colour and I just did a clear coat. I am satisfied with just that. I did take a few pics before I had to redo them at least, and look I have this cute 'bear' pen [also a comb] that matches my nails ^^

Jul 16, 2012

beaded memories

Hii everyone, so another OOTD post woo I'm on a roll so far :P So it was quite warm today and I wore a not so summery jean jacket and its really oversized so it looks kinda funny on me. Haha my shoulders are not that broad and the torso area is really roomy.

So a while ago my cousin from Hong Kong gave me these pair of shoes, they're exactly the same other then the colour and size. I really love them and the heels make a clickety clack sound when you walk :)

Some new sewing projects have been added to my archive :P though to be honest I did make these a while ago. The first one is a bandage wrap jean skirt, it was made from a really long jean skirt that I did not wear at all. I thought it'd be a good project and I really like how it turned out. It has an elastic band casing and an asymmetrical hem. I paired it with a few different outfits.

And here is another skirt project I made quite recently. It is your typical elastic waist skirt, but instead of 2 panels [front and back] I made it 3, which is again asymmetrical because I spaced it out unevenly. The colour of the skirt is more of a light salmon then what the picture shows. I took a close up of the fabric so you could see.

Jul 15, 2012

foreign encounter

hihi everyone, how's life? As usual I'm still doing nothing and looking for a job... story of my life. Anyway I've discovered Google Chrome and am using it now to type up this post, so far it's quite fast and efficient. My default browser is Opera though; though Opera glitches sometimes and lags, what internet browser doesn't? Chrome seems like it won't cause me problems and I like it, but Opera is #1 for me. The only thing is that Opera doesn't support many sites and etc. meaning I can't blog on it like I can with Chrome. So I'll be using Chrome for anything blog related.

So a few weeks ago I went downtown to the South Asian Festival; we arrived quite early as the festival hadn't begun yet so we just walked through the busy streets of Gerrard and enjoyed the culture and spirit. Here are some colourful and lovely pictures:

Last week I went to Pmall with my sister and we just hung out, it's been a while since we went out together. She got my some OPI nail polishes, they were the mini sized ones... so cute ^^ and lately (well today) I've started to edit my photos and crap :D haha I think I went a little bit overboard but still looks nice. And I curled my hair yesterday, just for fun (I like to do things just cause) and since my hair was curled might as well play with make up, I'm such a girl :P 

(mini sized OPI nail polish)

(super edited photos of myself)

(I made my bow hair clip)

And just to end things off, I made a GIF of the many outfits I've worn over the years, enjoy ^^

Jul 5, 2012

what's left to do [heavy pics post]

So this post is mainly pictures since I'm probably going to rant on and on about random things, but I'm going to include captions for them (Y). Also I apologize for the super long hiatus since my last post but I hope these pictures will make up for it :]


(heading to a friend's place)

(@ Payless trying on white wedges)

(heading out)

(haha I was @ Lowe's)

(going for church)


(Canada Day)

(Love these, thanks Yve ^^)

(my most worn shoes of the summer)



(I finally got a serger!!)

(Testing out the serger)

(Before; XL Men's Tommy Hilfiger t-shirt)

(After :D )

(Gathered at the waist w/ unfinished neckline and armholes)

 (made from the bottom half of  a super long dress)

(elasticized waist)

(elasticized waist polka dot skirt)

(In the process of making this smaller; XL 'free hugs' shirt)


 (yay Sega Genesis is up and running again)

(me and my scarf again; woo Sega)

(Canada Day fireworks ^^)