Jul 25, 2012

gonna be quite a week

Hii everyone, so today I went for sushi with a bunch of friends and we ordered this many mousse's:

Yeahh we had a hard time finishing them haha but it's all good, we were just really full after. Then we went to the park and had a water fight. Man, I was soaked.. it's weird cause the back of my shirt and pants were more wet then the front. Meh, anyway after that the girls headed to another friend's place and we watched Drag Me to Hell. I honestly think that this movie is funny, though my friends say otherwise :P but it's just because I like scary/thriller movies. And she made chocolate dipped strawberries. [yeah I know, too much on the editing]

And a while ago my dad bought a tablet haha I find it so funny cause he's never had a cell before and now a tablet. But he's good with it now, though every once and a while he'll ask me some questions:

Anyway that's it for today, be back another day :D oh and happy belated birthday Jaclyne ^^

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