Sep 28, 2011

black & white, with a splash of colour

Typical Wednesday, of course it had to rain... again and was carrying heavy bags once again. Oh my. And those are some of the textbooks I have bought, some are borrowed from the library and some of them are my own. Lots of money right there :P and the first picture is my Pattern Making classroom, it's a pretty big room and I like working in there. School is going well and nothing to complain about... yet, well I at least hope not. And omg my phone is not functioning properly, I have facebook on my homepage but it doesn't show up, same with my music.... I've already restarted it couple of times and no response. Also when I connect the USB to my laptop it doesn't even show up... it honestly takes forever and I end up not transferring anything @  -  @ I might take a break from using my phone, maybe for like a week or something. Aghhhh... oh yeah our yearbooks for high school went out today but I couldn't collect mine cause my last class for today ended pretty late but I saw my brother's and it looks pretty nice, and it's fully in colour.. unlike the other 3.. ok enough about today...

Sep 21, 2011

i hate wednesdays

So this outfit post is kinda late, I actually wore this last week but I was too [lazy] busy to do any posts.  So here it is, I really like this outfit, when I was picking what to wear in the morning I didn't think it would look good, but turned out ok. Mustard cardigan, bunny print t-shirt, leggings, fitted jacket, ankle boots, canvas tote bag and my cherry print scarf. I absolutely love this shirt, I got it in HK and it was really cheap and cute :D Hehe

Anyways enough about that, today was a pretty bad day. So the beginning of the day was fine until class ended for the day, which was around 4. So I stayed a few hours behind to finish next week's homework [I know, nerd] and ended up staying till 6ish. Had to catch the bus and it was raining.. all I had on was a t-shirt, cardigan, jeans and flats... and 2 really heavy bags that hurt my shoulders a lot. So I was wet from the knees down and my bags got rained on as well and I had new textbooks that I just bought too T  -  T Well when I got off the bus and opened my umbrella I cut my finger... how? I really don't know how it happened, so of course it was bleeding and I couldn't even stop to put a band-aid cause I was on the sidewalk with an umbrella in one hand, 1 bag on each shoulder and cars zooming past me.. which 2 of them splashed me. I was walking really far away from the roadside... and saw a dead raccoon on the way home. I'm a few houses away from my house and the rain stops, right when I get to my driveway it's pouring again... omg really?! and now I am sitting in bed and my shoulders are killing me, feels like a whole bunch of weight is on them right now... I need relaxing time.. and that's why I hate Wednesdays.. especially when it's raining

Sep 17, 2011

remember when...



Just some random pictures of when I was still in Hong Kong, still miss the summer and the weather's getting colder and windier. Really starting to feel like fall. Anyways, got a party to go to tomorrow and a load of homework to finish up. Woo

Sep 11, 2011

the good ol' days

Didn't really do much today, I was suppose to go buy my art supplies but I got lazy. But I can always do it after class tomorrow on my way home :D And went biking earlier with my sister, we played hopscotch at the playground near our elementary school. And as I was biking home the chains got loose on my bike and I had to fix it... of course my hands got really dirty. That's not even how dirty they were, they came loose again while I was a block away from home so my both my hands were filled with grease T    T oh well

Anyways I got a 10 o'clock class tomorrow, but gotta wake up earlier cause I have homework that I need to do at school, *sighs* the life of an art student.. not that bad actually :P

Sep 10, 2011


It's one of those 2-in-1 posts again, first outfit was during the week for school. The bag I'm holding was one that my friend got for me when she went to Hong Kong last summer, first time using it though :) Also the weather here has been so moody lately, one second it's so freaking hot [25 degrees, but felt like 30] then next it's all cloudy about looks like it's about to rain. Ughh the weather should just stick to fall weather, though today was rather nice. Last 2 pictures are of today's outfit, went to a family party today. The colour of my shorts aren't that blue, they're more of a teal colour and same with my socks, but of course the camera can't tell the difference lol. Anyways school has been good so far, first assignment was to design 20 skirts... my face was like this o - o haha but I've finished 16 already so just 4 more to go (Y). And I've made a few friend's, something I was nervous about but not anymore. Well gotta hit up the art store tomorrow to buy some Copic markers and pencil crayons and lead.. oh my $  -  $ haha but Art in general is expensive, and that's the life I've chosen :D

Sep 6, 2011


A few days ago I went to the library to take out some books on fashion illustration. I looked through and decided to do some drawing, above are the final sketches of my drawings, and the first picture of every illustration is the original and the below is the copy or inspiration of what came out of it. Obviously my intention wasn't to recreate it exactly as drawn, but to see what can come out of an already existing illustration. The first 2 are by Laura Laine and the last one is done by Dilek Peker. My favourite would have to be the second illustration, it was the first one I drew out of the three and the most detailed. A few things were changed along the drawing process, such as the face & facial expression, the hair, the outfit etc. Other then the first drawing [which I tried to copy and failed] the original is just an inspiration for the final.

And oh my gosh, school is starting tomorrow... and the weather has suddenly gotten colder and it already feels like fall. Goodbye summer, till next year...

Sep 3, 2011

can't believe it

School is just 2 days away and I don't think I'm ready for it to start. the majority of my summer has been spent in Hong Kong and just a few weeks here in Canada. I mean I'm glad that I'm back but just can't believe that summer is over.

Anyways, I love the shirt in the first 2 pictures; I got it from Hong Kong.. "I need that" Lol my friend was like need what? He was just joking though :P Spent some time at Pmall with a friend the other day and just hung out, something that is so relaxing yet makes me feel like I'm old already haha. But I'm still 17 so I'm gonna make the best of it before I'm turn 18, which is in early October. Anyways yesterday we [family&I] went out for Korean food, it was intentionally suppose to be Kbbq but they had no 'all you can eat' on their menu, so we just ate Bimbimbap and noodles lol ooh and a lot of shrimp tempura. It was at this place called Sariwon, in Thornhill on Yonge St. I was really full in the end but tasted pretty good. 

Last picture is my gigantic sewing kit from school, it was really a hassle to organize. And they gave me a checklist to see if I had everything, I had to take everything out of the bag and check off what was there and not. It was somewhat difficult because I've never heard of some of the things, like a notch or a textile loupe [had to Google everything lol] I just hope I don't have to carry all that stuff on the first day.. so heavy and I've still yet to buy the rest of my textbooks D: Ahh whatever... but yay Labor day :D