Sep 21, 2011

i hate wednesdays

So this outfit post is kinda late, I actually wore this last week but I was too [lazy] busy to do any posts.  So here it is, I really like this outfit, when I was picking what to wear in the morning I didn't think it would look good, but turned out ok. Mustard cardigan, bunny print t-shirt, leggings, fitted jacket, ankle boots, canvas tote bag and my cherry print scarf. I absolutely love this shirt, I got it in HK and it was really cheap and cute :D Hehe

Anyways enough about that, today was a pretty bad day. So the beginning of the day was fine until class ended for the day, which was around 4. So I stayed a few hours behind to finish next week's homework [I know, nerd] and ended up staying till 6ish. Had to catch the bus and it was raining.. all I had on was a t-shirt, cardigan, jeans and flats... and 2 really heavy bags that hurt my shoulders a lot. So I was wet from the knees down and my bags got rained on as well and I had new textbooks that I just bought too T  -  T Well when I got off the bus and opened my umbrella I cut my finger... how? I really don't know how it happened, so of course it was bleeding and I couldn't even stop to put a band-aid cause I was on the sidewalk with an umbrella in one hand, 1 bag on each shoulder and cars zooming past me.. which 2 of them splashed me. I was walking really far away from the roadside... and saw a dead raccoon on the way home. I'm a few houses away from my house and the rain stops, right when I get to my driveway it's pouring again... omg really?! and now I am sitting in bed and my shoulders are killing me, feels like a whole bunch of weight is on them right now... I need relaxing time.. and that's why I hate Wednesdays.. especially when it's raining

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