Jun 27, 2011

new to my closet

                (^ checkered shirt; it use to be my dad's, now it's mine)

                                 (^ blue shirtdress; Urban Planet)

                           (^ yellow chiffon shirt; got it from my mom)

                                  (^ domo shirt, haha from a friend)

                 (^ long striped cardigan, from Pacific Mall, only $10, love it)

                                  (^ beige blazer, got it from my mom)

New additions to my closet :D some of them are old and some new but I like them all. But I absolutely love the first shirt, the checkered one. It use to be my dad's like really long time ago but he grew out of it, and for some reason I like wearing guy clothes :P I think the whole oversized or loose fit looks good on me; I'm small lol. Anyways nothing new this week, other than my Grad and then it'll be Canada Day 2 days after, yay fireworks! And hmm finally summer ^^ time to relax and not worry about school for a few months :)


Jun 23, 2011

and i can't believe its over

Yay it's about time I changed my layout and header.. haha like? and long overdue pictures of my haircut :P

Oh man it's really over now, exams are done and Graduation is next week... I don't know what to say. High school was fun and it was 4 years of my life I won't get back :/ but it was memorable. I remember the laughs and jokes, the fun times and the other times where I just wish school was finished. And now that it is, it doesn't feel any different... I mean next year all I'll be doing is fashion and sewing, which I love but it'll be different, not seeing the regular people I see everyday or just the random funny moments that make my day :) Well life goes on and good things are ahead ^^

Until Grad, I'll be super busy and Happy [super late] Father's Day :D

Jun 16, 2011

almost over

English test tomorrow based on Hamlet and have already finished exams for Design and Music. I have 2 more exams left... English and Philosophy, both on Tuesday... ughh so much studying to do T - T But I finish exams before a lot of my friends, most of them finish on Friday. I get a week of vacation and then I have Graduation lol. That will be fun and sad, it'll be the last time I get to see a lot of my friends, cause they're going away for University but it'll be fun because its our last official day at school. Oh man... Oooh yeah I got another haircut haha, it was on Monday I think.. and Katherine did it for me, it's shorter than the last time I got it cut. It's kinda like a bob cut... lol I don't know how to explain it.. it kinda looks like my hair is always tied up, from the front view at least. But I like it, she was kinda scared that she was going to cut it too short, but I just told her to cut it :P and it looks fine ^^ Too bad I don't have a picture.. another time.. maybe on the weekend I'll do another post with a pic (Y)

Ok well I should get back to studying Hamlet...
"To be or not to be- That is the question..."

Jun 12, 2011

that time of the year.. again

Like always, around this time of the year, it is exam week. Or well in class exam week, and then formal exams are next week. But I have my music and design exam [pt.1] on Wednesday and on Thursday, design exam pt.2. Lots of studying/practicing for me this week. No goofing off!! And next week I have English in the morning and Philosophy in the afternoon on Tuesday; my hand is going to be hurting from all the writing I have to do for those 2 subjects T  -  T But on the bright side, I finish pretty early compared to the science kids, they finish on Friday. Which sucks cause then that whole week they'll be studying and not enjoying freedom. Then a week later, it's Graduation.. on the 29th, my high school life is almost over.. can't believe it. But I gotta admit, these 4 years have been anything but boring. Each year adds a new memory for me and they will just keep growing and be a part of my life. Sure I regret some things but I would've rather done it then regret not doing it. Life is filled with surprises that's just waiting to be found.

GLHF ^^ [good luck, have fun]

Jun 4, 2011

fun night ^^

Twas Arts Banquet yesterday and it was a lot of fun ^^ the night started at 6 and ended around 12ish. The theme this year was a Night in Paris, ahah I know my dress doesn't really match the theme but that's ok :D I liked the whole LBD with a military twist to it. I went with a gold and black look and paired it with the necklace that had blue accents. And of course a bow headband and my little bag. My feet hurt a lot from dancing and my throat hurts a bit from all the yelling, screaming and singing [loudly] haha. Surprisingly a lot of people were either wearing black, purple or blue.. but I gotta admit people looked good and stylish, both guys and girls (Y) and the Arts Banquet [imo] was better than Prom. The overall atmosphere of Arts Banquet was just better than Prom (Y). But I'm sad that this is the last one of my high school days, I've been to all of them since grade 9 and had an amazing time at each one. 

On another note, I finish my exams on the 21st with English in the morning and Philosophy in the afternoon... soo much writing and reflecting lol my hand is going to hurt T - T and then the 29th is Graduation. So sad, grade 12 is almost over and until Grad I gotta finish up CPT's and study for tests, you know be a good student (Y) haha