Jun 12, 2011

that time of the year.. again

Like always, around this time of the year, it is exam week. Or well in class exam week, and then formal exams are next week. But I have my music and design exam [pt.1] on Wednesday and on Thursday, design exam pt.2. Lots of studying/practicing for me this week. No goofing off!! And next week I have English in the morning and Philosophy in the afternoon on Tuesday; my hand is going to be hurting from all the writing I have to do for those 2 subjects T  -  T But on the bright side, I finish pretty early compared to the science kids, they finish on Friday. Which sucks cause then that whole week they'll be studying and not enjoying freedom. Then a week later, it's Graduation.. on the 29th, my high school life is almost over.. can't believe it. But I gotta admit, these 4 years have been anything but boring. Each year adds a new memory for me and they will just keep growing and be a part of my life. Sure I regret some things but I would've rather done it then regret not doing it. Life is filled with surprises that's just waiting to be found.

GLHF ^^ [good luck, have fun]

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