Nov 25, 2010

a day late

*i was originally suppose to post this yesterday but my internet froze and it was 12am so i just turned off my laptop and went to sleep, and that's why i'm posting it today (Y)*

i think this is the first (and only) time that i've done a full outfit post... lol well there it is. and my boots :) so pretty, the tie at the back and they can be rolled up or down as shown in the last 2 pictures :D and remember when i said i did major shopping and got some necklaces.. well that's one of the three, this one is from aldo accessories and cost about $8 i love the necklace, the colours, the bow, beads and little charms. so it was pretty cold today and even though my outfit doesn't look very warm it was. i was wearing shorts over stockings, leggings and socks with the boots then a tank top, cardigan, long hoodie, blazer and scarf. stylish and warm (Y). anyways so about the university application presentation... it was ok but when i went home and actually filled out the info and applied i was like o - o crap. but i'll just have to be ok with whatever the outcome is even if i don't like it. gahhh its scary

Nov 23, 2010

aww :(

so tomorrow we're getting this presentation on applying for university. ughh i don't want to think about university... actually i might plan to go to college instead but everyone makes a big deal about going to college and to me its like well so what? but the fact that people make it a big deal makes me want to stay quiet about going to college... but on the bright side i got new boots today :D they were only $8 and use to be $30... $22 difference ahah math. anyways they're grey and they kinda look like something you'd see on yesstyle. i will post up a picture tomorrow along with my outfit since its a civies day tomorrow meaning no uniform. ahh i love them soo much, i spotted them on sunday when i went to pmall with my sister and i was like... o - o i want them but she wouldn't let me get them so i just went after school today and got it :d i was afraid the lady was going to say that they were sold out, luckily they weren't. it came in the colours black, grey and this army green/ khaki colour and it was really really cold and windy today.. not the best combination...

oh man, applications > - <

Nov 21, 2010

first snow fall!!

so i was leaving my house today to go to church, and guess what? it was snowing!! eeeee :D i was surprised and happy, but at the same time i was freezing cold :P even though it was a really light snow fall i was still amazed. ahh i love snow and winter, time for the layers of clothes and hot chocolate... mm yummy

Nov 12, 2010

really? 5 hours?

oh my, 5 hours spent at a mall with my friend.... i don't know how we managed but it was fun. i did some shopping today, i got a top with a heart pattern on it from bluenotes, only $5 (nice), uhmm 2 necklaces from aldo accessories, another necklace from H&M, a circle scarf from urban planet and i bought some things at bath & body works... and that's about it. there were so many sales today like 50% off the whole store, i was like o - o ahah uhmm maybe when i get the time i'll take some pics of my purchases and post them up but right now i've got some homework to do. and tomorrow i'm heading over to yvette's house to do a photo shoot, i know it'll be fun :D

Nov 4, 2010


oh wow its 12:00... lol i really should be sleeping right now but i'm not. i'm actually talking to a friend who i haven't talked to in a while =] and i was just emailing people though i'm sure they won't get it till tomorrow, which sucks for me. also it's my friend's birthday today, Happy Birthday Cathleen ily.. well its really the 5th right now but her birthday was a few minutes ago but just wanted to say it in this post :P. hmmm i don't know how people write like paragraphs in their blog, the most i've written was... i think it was a paragraph size. ehh oh well. oh yeah i have a photo shoot with my friend Yvette tomorrow, she wants me to bring all of my sewing stuff and i have a lot lol. but i know for sure that it's going to be fun and the end result will be amazing :D all i need to do now is figure what i'm going to wear for the shoot.... all i can think of is: black skinny jeans, white v-neck shirt, black suspenders, purple sneakers, a headband and that's about it, but i hope it looks good or else i'll be up in the morning deciding what to wear. aww man i'm kinda hungry but not really tired..