Nov 23, 2010

aww :(

so tomorrow we're getting this presentation on applying for university. ughh i don't want to think about university... actually i might plan to go to college instead but everyone makes a big deal about going to college and to me its like well so what? but the fact that people make it a big deal makes me want to stay quiet about going to college... but on the bright side i got new boots today :D they were only $8 and use to be $30... $22 difference ahah math. anyways they're grey and they kinda look like something you'd see on yesstyle. i will post up a picture tomorrow along with my outfit since its a civies day tomorrow meaning no uniform. ahh i love them soo much, i spotted them on sunday when i went to pmall with my sister and i was like... o - o i want them but she wouldn't let me get them so i just went after school today and got it :d i was afraid the lady was going to say that they were sold out, luckily they weren't. it came in the colours black, grey and this army green/ khaki colour and it was really really cold and windy today.. not the best combination...

oh man, applications > - <

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  1. Wow, boots from Pmall for $8? LOL (just found out you're from Toronto through this post!) .. I always thought their things were so expensive, but my mom is good at bargaining with them. :P

    xx The Little Dust Princess


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