Feb 24, 2013

time for a break

So this week is actually my study week/reading week. Unlike other universities, mine starts this week; why? I don't know. Haha. Anyway I've been quite absent from my blog for a while but I'm back with some updates.

This is my coordinating bottom that goes along with my tailored blazer/jacket. It's going to be grey with contrasting inverted box pleats panel with blue plaid. I still need to do some corrections to my pattern and do another fitting. The picture with showing the three dress forms are my dress along with Rachel's dress [first] and Hala's high waisted skirt [third]. And being at school a lot and it being roll up the rim season at Tim Horton's, I've been buying a lot of french vanilla. Out of 3 times I've won twice, one free donut and one free coffe/latte.

On Friday night, I went to dinner with Yvette and Daniel. Since I couldn't eat meat, I got fish. It looked and tasted soo good (Y) I'm really glad I got it and it was pretty cheap. Later we went to Destiny's for dessert; we shared vanilla and assorted fruit crepe.

Tried on this tribal print cut out dress from Urban Planet, there were two small triangular cut outs on the side and a big cut out from the back of the collar to the zipper opening. I tried on a size XS and it was a good fit, but the cut outs on the side were kinda weird. I mean, I didn't hate it but if I were to buy or make a dress with cut outs, it definitely wouldn't be on the side. I think it's kinda awkward, unless your super skinny. But overall it was a good dress and the price was $20.

So I got new glasses today haha, slightly bigger and thinner. My past two glasses have been Polo Ralph Lauren, while this one is Valentino. I like the shape and well black glasses always work for me so this was good.

Anyway that's about it for this week, I'll probably be spending most of my reading week at school :/ ... I know it's sad.

have a good night and take care~

Feb 17, 2013

7 days

Random pictures during the last week.

take care~

Feb 12, 2013

a day to spare

Haha turns out I repeated my CNY outfit #2 yesterday. I really like that top, I actually got it when I was visiting HK 2 summers ago. 

Anyway today I spent my day doing homework.. a lot of photoshop and illustrator related stuff. But after finishing all of it I decided to paint my nails. The colours are Valentine's day inspired :) I tried to do a design of some sort but I failed miserably and just went with something simple.

(left to right: MAC- Vestral White, Frost Much Adored, Impassioned)

As well Lent is tomorrow and I'm giving up meat D: I know, it's going to be difficult. For those who don't know what Lent is, it is a period of 40 days [excluding weekends] where one would fast from a certain thing. Whether it be food, television, bad habits etc. It reminds us of the time Jesus spent in the desert for 40 days. My dad is also giving up meat so at least he's with me :)

Anyway tomorrow begins my journey of being meat-free for 40 days, wish me luck (Y)

take care~

Feb 10, 2013


Happy Chinese New Year and Lunar New Year to everyone!! I didn't really do much today other then spend time with my family and study for a test I have tomorrow. 

We went to church today, as usual but it was pancake Sunday so we had that for breakfast haha then we went to Pacific Mall and saw Kat there :P And yes I had 2 outfit changes, one was for church and the other for outings. I'm probably going to wear the second outfit to school tomorrow haha.

Don't you just love the fake tangerine/clementine plant above? Hehe I know, they're red instead of orange but more luck that it's red :D I find this absolutely adorable ^^

have a fantastic week everyone.

take care~

Feb 9, 2013

what a weekend

So as a lot of Canadians and some Americans may know, yesterday was probably the worst winter storm we've had this year. I honestly didn't even think it was going to be this bad but wow.. I was wrong. Most Universities and Colleges were closed due to the storm, so I had the day off.. I spent it shoveling [3 times] and well I should have done some homework but I didn't :/ Anyway my window was covered with snow almost halfway up.. I could hardly see through it. But the weather was actually quite sunny today and most of the snow melted.. but there's still a huge pile outside our house.

And I impulsively decided to trim a few inches off my hair today. I probably cut off 2-3 inches? I don't really know, I wasn't measuring.. I was just eyeballing it haha. I swear, at first I'm sure it was uneven but after showering it was obvious at how uneven it was so I trimmed it to make it straight.

Ohh and tomorrow's Chinese New Year :) its the year of the snake.. which I'm not sure what it symbolizes but I wish everyone with good luck and fortune this new year. I'll try to do a post tomorrow as well (Y).

till then, take care~

Feb 7, 2013


It's about time I changed the layout of my blog.

I'm still tweaking it a bit, so it's not fully complete yet :) but so far, I like how it looks.

change is good;

take care~

Feb 5, 2013

Archie's Girls

Another Tuesday off and it was well spent :] In the morning I did a few errands with my dad and finished up homework that's due tomorrow. A lot of my homework includes the use of Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, which I was successfully able to download [cracked] and am using it happily.

This is the jacket I'm planning to make this semester :] I can't wait till I start drafting the pattern then sewing it up in muslin then in my actual fabric. Oh and I've been knitting for class.. lol my small sample above.

So yesterday I got a phone call from a very excited Katherine, she had a plus one and invited me to the opening of MAC's new line/collection, which is called Archie's Girls. There was a huge line up outside the store in STC and we were waiting for about half an hour.

(Hehe Archie himself ^^)

Although I didn't actually buy anything, I did try on this one lipstick from the Veronica line called Ronnie Red, it's very similar to the lipstick I have from MAC called Glam. But Kat bought a lipstick from the Veronica line called Daddy's Little Girl, it looks really good on her. It was a really grand event, they had waiters serving appetizers and alcoholic drinks.. it was so cute. They even had the model as Archie coming in to take pictures with the customers. I'm very happy that Kat invited me ^^ 

Haha the store was actually closed today for this event, only those with an invitation were allowed inside. And here's some souvenirs from today, which of course were free:

:D I wasn't that big of an Archie fan growing up, but I did read some of the comics. And now onto my OOTD, I wore a cropped sweater with a sleeveless light blue top underneath, paired with black skinnies and my new boots. And I attempted to fishtail braid my hair, actually kinda worked out (Y).

(This is the lipstick I tried on, Ronnie Red- MAC)

Well that's all for today, I had a really fun night. Thanks Kat :)

take care~

Feb 3, 2013

more and more updates

It's been a while since I last made a post :/ Anyway here's some random pictures/updates :)

I finally got my hands on these wire headbands; I actually tried making one but it failed, as the wire I used was not able to bend back to its original shape. I need to find better wire (Y) Anyway I got a navy blue with white polka dots and a mustard yellow with red polka dots. They were only a $1.99 and I wanted so much more haha but maybe next time.

Last Thursday.. uhh the 31st of January, was the worst [probably not THE worst] weather of this year so far. It was snowing like crazy and it was super windy... worst combo ever! Anyway the snow was at least ankle high but for once I was actually warm :] And when I got home I decided to curl my hair... lol and do a faux bob which was inspired by Bubzbeauty's latest video. Personally I like my hair longer when it's curled.

So I got two new pairs of black boots... haha I have to admit that I do have quite a lot of black boots. I guess its an addiction. Anyway these were quite cheap and cute. This is the first pair, they're convertible with the high top button down and it's also has a small wedge heel. I love shoes that are versatile and can dress down and outfit or dress up an outfit. I have yet to wear these boots though, I'm waiting for it to stop snowing (Y). I got these in a size 6.

These are my second pair of boots. I thought they were simple yet quite interesting the faux fur trim around the boot and the tie on the side. Although the beads on the end of the tie hit one another while I'm walking so it sounds like bells. These are a size 6 1/2, they're a bit big on me so I had to put insoles in the boot. Nonetheless I still love them. Ooh also they were 2 for $40.

And last but not least, the new layout of my room. Haha my friend Daryl pointed out that it looks the same but just mirrored, its funny cause it sorta is. Although our bunk bed was never positioned beside the door. My dad also added a hat rack since I own quite a few hats and a shelf beside my bunk bed [I'm on the bottom] Haha while I was editing the first picture I noticed how pink our room looked.. but in reality it's not even that pink.

Well that's all for today, hopefully I'll do another post this Tuesday.. that is if I'm not swarmed with homework ^^

take care~