Apr 22, 2012

in a rut

Yikes.. Okay so school finished last Thursday for me yay, but since then I've been feeling somewhat sluggish and well in reality: LAZY... not sure why I'm feeling like this haha maybe I should like workout or something. And I have been looking for a job before school ended.. still nothing. But not giving up and been practicing driving as well. Well not much to say so here's a funny looking picture of myself:

p.s I think edits are hilarious

p.p.s Happy Earth Day ^^

p.p.p.s I just learned what "p.s" stands for hahaha

Apr 16, 2012


Finished 1/3 exams today :) was quite easy but at the same time challenging... which of course it should be. Okay so last week I had a presentation for my design class.. it's an alternate to having an exam. We had to present our collection of illustrations for either Spring/Summer or Fall/Winter.. I designed my collection for Spring/Summer. And since it was an alternate for an exam we had to dress professionally and that above is what I wore. Most of my outfit was the stuff I bought when I went to the states (Y) glad I got to wear it so soon.

Anyway I've got two more exams.. one on Wednesday and the other on Thursday; I really can't wait till first year's done. It's been amazing and hope second year is even better. And I've got to start making my to do list for the summer (Y) one of which includes exercising.. and I mean it :] I'll be done my exams the next time I post ^^

Apr 8, 2012

back home

From Left to Right: grey booties [Old Navy $11.99] - Free Hugs shirt [souvenir shop 3 for $10] - blue top [Aeropostale $5.99] - navy blue print tank [Old Navy $10] - White fedora [Forever 21 $6] - navy blue satin skirt [Forever 21 $4.99] - EOS lipbalm [$2 something Wal-Mart] - Blue skirt [Forever 21 $4.99] - long wallet mustard [Gap $8] - light blue shorts [Old Navy $10] - Black and grey athletic shorts [Old Navy $5 each] - Grey shorts [ Forever 21 $4.99]

Wow shopping in the States is super cheap :D and a lot of good sales since it was the Easter Weekend (Y) I'm glad that I'm back home though... I have a crap load of homework to do tomorrow though >    > But nonetheless the trip was fun and so much laughter, also today is my dad's birthday. Happy Birthday Daddy <3 words cannot describe how thankful I am to have you as my dad :) you are truly amazing.

Happy Easter again :]

Apr 5, 2012

before I forget

Okay so I've been meaning to post the picture of my dress for a while now and haven't gotten to do it since today. It fits me perfectly.. well I mean it's really big but I made it so whoever wears it can just put a belt around the waist. And for the long weekend I'm going to the US woo.. well actually going tomorrow till Sunday. Anyway this isn't going to be a long post cause I gotta sleep soon, have to be awake at 5am tomorrow.

woo Happy Easter Weekend everyone :D