Jul 28, 2010


(yummy cake stickers, black amethyst nail polish & a very empty mall)

Another birthday shout out to my friend Yvette, Happy 17th Birthday Yvette i love you and i hope you have a fantastic day :)

Ok then uhmm today i'm going to a buffet for lunch :P i will try to take some pictures of the food, yumm. hmm and the weather is weird today... at like 8am it was very gloomy and then it started to rain.. and now 9:30am, its freaking sunny! weird.. oh well..

HBD again Yve ily 

Jul 26, 2010

Hackified part 2

Hahahah Dearest Betty,
you forgot to log out of my computer again. I was going to go check my blog so I could send it to you through email but I thought I'd surprise you instead of a boring email. Anywho, I thought I'd tell you about what I did so far since I last saw you on Friday. So I found it funny when I was on the bus and you and daniel were running :3 Hahaha, back to the point. My transfer didn't work ): So I had to pay another fare. So expensive these days. Anywho, I came home to a bunch of babies who were quite roudy. Ispent my saturday basically going to costco with the babies and laying about in my room. Then on sunday we had my birthday dinner unexpectedly. I ended up getting a cookie dough ice cream cake from dairy queen! Hmm today work was boring. I was kind of lectured about the way I was doing the readings with the kids, but not so much, the boss was more nice about it. I am so not ready for my g1 test ): Imma post-pone it to my birthday but I hope I don't fail on the same day D:::::

I lalalalalalove you.


Jul 24, 2010


first off i'd like to give a shout out to my friend Jaclyne, Happy Birthday Jaclyne :D you're such a cool and talented person ily. and i also watched Enter the Dragon w/ Bruce Lee... ahh i love bruce lee and i love watching his movies, they're so enjoyable :D may his soul rest in peace. hmm what else oh yeah the weather is so depressing, it was raining earlier and now its just dull outside, ughh. also a few new things added to my blog... like the 'sites i love' and 'polyvore'. just a few things to entertain yourselves with while visiting my blog :d, enjoy. also i've been sick the past week, first i had a sore throat and now i have a cold .. yuck! i'm getting better though :)

Jul 23, 2010

today was a blast :D

ahh went out today with two of my friends, it was so much fun. plus it was the first time i've been out this week with friends :D. i had such a blast, i was out from 8:00 am to 8:30ish pm. ooh i also watched karate kid while i was at my friends place... which would explain the post below this one :P lol i was still logged onto my blogger so she 'hacked' it and posted something. ahh i love her as well :3 ooh tomorrow is my friend's birthday and next week is another birthday :D ahh eveyrone is getting older... 


I lalalalalalalalalalalalalalove you, Betty!

-karate kid.

Jul 21, 2010

mixing prints

(striped cardigan, gingham tank top, shorts & stockings)

didn't really do much today, though i plan to go out for a walk later on. I may go out this Friday but it's not definite yet, and two of my friends birthday's are coming up :D yay

Jul 17, 2010

oh downtown.. how i miss you so

(trying on headbands and a beret| forever 21 & urban outfitters)

(finished the day off with a vanilla bean frappuccino from starbucks)

(yay group pic ^^)

ahh yesterday was so much fun... i went downtown/eaton center with a bunch of my friends, well 7 of us to be exact and i took the subway there and back. i have to admit that i haven't been to eaton center or downtown in a long long time and it was just so refreshing and nice to be there again and spending the day with friends made it even better. but i really wish i bought some clothes lol but i only had $10 with me and i needed change for bus fare :P but overall it was an amazing day. i'm glad i went :d

*will be back with pictures, promise!*edit pics are up.. and the weather is weird today... one minute its raining then its sunny 

Jul 15, 2010

finally got to paint something

ok so ever since summer started i was like 'ok i better do some painting' cause i have so much paint that i hardly use and wanted to put it to good use... so a friend of mine suggested to paint totoro... which is actually a dust bunny but it's cute, you have to admit that :D. yes so my finished product looks nothing like the reference picture that i used but ehh it's close enough. oh yeah i painted it on a fan... hehe yesterday i painted half of it with white paint so i could use it as a blank canvas but i kept on touching the paint before it could dry > - > ahah. also i was painting on my bed... i know it's not the best place to do painting but at least i didn't get any paint on anything..

aah isn't totoro just adorable?

Jul 14, 2010


don't know why but i felt like wearing beige today... ok well bits of beige here and there, and was listening to music while taking these pics 

Jul 13, 2010

yay for drawing :D

hmm when i got home yesterday from my friend's house.. i had a drawing that i needed to complete... it took like an hour and a half, i finished it faster than i thought. after that i felt like drawing more, but i didn't know who or what to draw... i thought 'hey i'll draw my friends'. it was pretty fun actually, and when i draw people i usually draw them animated.. instead of life like. but i still like how it looks in the end. and i drew them in outfits that i'm pretty sure they'd wear... or hopefully lol. well enjoy :3

Jul 11, 2010

ice blue...

                pimp myspace - Gickr
so a few days ago i was playing around with my make-up, and i mixed this white and blue eye shadow and got this icy blue colour. i love the combination and it really stands out. it's intense yet subtle at the same time, i also put some below my lower lash. i finished this look with some mascara, liquid eye liner, eyeliner, and some lip gloss. and just for fun i drew a heart on my cheek with eyeliner. it's unusual for me to not wear glasses but this was an exception, glasses hide your make-up... so for the sake of pictures, its better without them. oh yeah and i'm a total poser when it comes to pictures ahah enjoy :D

Jul 10, 2010

saturday's are for...

sleeping in :D ahh i love sleeping in on saturday's... aww man i wish i had some kind of picture to post for today but you see the thing is that i'm not even using my laptop, i'm borrowing my brother's hehe but he doesn't mind it. uhh yeah so no picture for today.. darn. mm i think i am just going to stay home today, maybe watch a movie, eat, listen to music, clean? who knows, i'll most likely do anything when i'm bored. ooh two of my friend's birthday's are coming up... well in a few weeks actually. but still, i gotta think of something. my creativity bar is kinda low right now, i need to think hard. birthday's are amazing but thinking of what to get is hard. but i'm the kind of person who makes gifts instead of going out to buy something, i guess you can say it's cheap but at the same time sincere. i love making the actual present but hate going through the process of brainstorming different ideas. i plan to make some kind of garment for one of my friend's next year; i was initially suppose to do that this year but i have no room for my sewing machine, meaning that idea was a no-go for this year. hmm but buying a present isn't a bad idea either... oh well whatever works best i guess.

Jul 4, 2010

oh summer...

Happy (late) Canada Day :D. summer has been quite an adventure so far, uhmm the weather has been really hot these past days and i've been in and out of the house. tomorrow i gotta pick up my report card from school.. greatt... though i know my average isn't that great anyways so no surprise there. uhh i don't know what else... oh well