Jul 17, 2010

oh downtown.. how i miss you so

(trying on headbands and a beret| forever 21 & urban outfitters)

(finished the day off with a vanilla bean frappuccino from starbucks)

(yay group pic ^^)

ahh yesterday was so much fun... i went downtown/eaton center with a bunch of my friends, well 7 of us to be exact and i took the subway there and back. i have to admit that i haven't been to eaton center or downtown in a long long time and it was just so refreshing and nice to be there again and spending the day with friends made it even better. but i really wish i bought some clothes lol but i only had $10 with me and i needed change for bus fare :P but overall it was an amazing day. i'm glad i went :d

*will be back with pictures, promise!*edit pics are up.. and the weather is weird today... one minute its raining then its sunny 

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