May 29, 2012

lets get something done!

Wow so I sewed my first circle scarf today and may I say the fabric is just adorable. Haha it was actually in the 'scraps' pile at Fabric Land and cost me like $2 for about 100-something cm. Anyway I thought it was good, it's navy blue with white polka dots and red bows :] even though I don't like the colours red and blue together this was an exception (Y). The fabric is very light weight, almost like sheer. Ooh also Kat wanted me to help her make some more skirts and a pair of pants, but these are for little kids :P.

Anyway haven't been doing much these couple of days but I did go out for sushi last week and some friends and myself made pancakes, short bread cookies and eggs . Here's some pics:

May 21, 2012

things will get better

Wow it's been quite a while since my last post and a lot of things happened between then and now. So just last week I went for my G2 test and I passed :D woo hooo!! I am quite happy because I was actually really nervous but the 10-15 mins of being in the car while doing my test went by quickly. But I'm glad I passed, now I gotta pass my G and then I'll have my full license (Y). 

Also for a while now my room's been rearranged. Well I share it with my sister and we now have bunk beds, probably a little kid-ish but omg look at the amount of room we have now. Now we can do gymnastics haha my friend said there's enough room to do whatever we want, not that I know how to do any gymnastics :P But having a lot of room sure is nice :]

Anyway so happy Victoria Day :P I've been cleaning out my closet a lot and finally got to put away my winter clothes [sweaters and stuff] to make room for my summer clothes [tank tops and shorts] haha and its super clean and spacious. I've taken a few pics of some things that I thought would be nice to wear or use for summer:

Woo compilation of pictures to the rescue!! haha oh so just last Thurs or Wed [I forget] my friend Katherine wanted me to help her make 5 skirts. I was like sure how hard can that be? and wow we did it in 6 hours D: Its actually the first 'sewing project' of the summer. So here is my sewing machine with my taro bb tea and the lovely floral print fabric. And below that is me wearing the skirt haha.

Anyway here's some pictures of food, a little doodle I made with fabric ears for the hat, my awesome nail polish [MAC: Light Affair] and my miffy and heart cushion phone chain/charm thingy.

Enjoy the long weekend :D

May 5, 2012

TCAF 2012

So just like last year I went to TCAF with Jaclyne today. TCAF = Toronto Comic Arts Festival. It was a lot of fun though we got lost a lot of the times trying to find the Toronto Public Library haha but it's all good, we found the place after an hour or so. And just like last year I got my low quality picture drawn for $2 by Steve Manale :P he still has the same sign (Y) although his thumb was broken he was still able to draw. And I got a picture with him, I was debating whether or not I should though Jaclyne convinced me to. Anyway as cheap as I am, I actually purchased 2 things haha. The book entitles Dream Locations, which is a book of postcards and stickers and yes they are actually useable. And my pin/button that says nachos, haha I love me some nachos :P Then we went to a pizzeria place across the library and ate lunch, it was pretty good and filling. Then we just wandered the shops along Bloor St. not that we could afford anything haha and we went into a Chapters. The last four books are from the fashion section, which I did not buy, though I wanted to... in other words too broke >   > Anyway today was a lot of fun and hope we can go again next year :D ooh and unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of my outfit today but here's an attempt of me putting it together on a hanger :P the colour and lighting is really funny.

Well that's all for this post, happy summer ^^

May 3, 2012


Hmm so it's been a while since my last post, and since then still jobless.. though I have gotten a call from this one place, but its not 100% sure yet that I get the job. Ohh I've also gotten new glasses a few weeks ago, they're the same brand as my old one's haha and a bit bigger in lens size. Ughh so my laptop cord is acting up and I don't have much battery left. Guess that's it for today :]