Jul 26, 2010

Hackified part 2

Hahahah Dearest Betty,
you forgot to log out of my computer again. I was going to go check my blog so I could send it to you through email but I thought I'd surprise you instead of a boring email. Anywho, I thought I'd tell you about what I did so far since I last saw you on Friday. So I found it funny when I was on the bus and you and daniel were running :3 Hahaha, back to the point. My transfer didn't work ): So I had to pay another fare. So expensive these days. Anywho, I came home to a bunch of babies who were quite roudy. Ispent my saturday basically going to costco with the babies and laying about in my room. Then on sunday we had my birthday dinner unexpectedly. I ended up getting a cookie dough ice cream cake from dairy queen! Hmm today work was boring. I was kind of lectured about the way I was doing the readings with the kids, but not so much, the boss was more nice about it. I am so not ready for my g1 test ): Imma post-pone it to my birthday but I hope I don't fail on the same day D:::::

I lalalalalalove you.


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