Jul 10, 2010

saturday's are for...

sleeping in :D ahh i love sleeping in on saturday's... aww man i wish i had some kind of picture to post for today but you see the thing is that i'm not even using my laptop, i'm borrowing my brother's hehe but he doesn't mind it. uhh yeah so no picture for today.. darn. mm i think i am just going to stay home today, maybe watch a movie, eat, listen to music, clean? who knows, i'll most likely do anything when i'm bored. ooh two of my friend's birthday's are coming up... well in a few weeks actually. but still, i gotta think of something. my creativity bar is kinda low right now, i need to think hard. birthday's are amazing but thinking of what to get is hard. but i'm the kind of person who makes gifts instead of going out to buy something, i guess you can say it's cheap but at the same time sincere. i love making the actual present but hate going through the process of brainstorming different ideas. i plan to make some kind of garment for one of my friend's next year; i was initially suppose to do that this year but i have no room for my sewing machine, meaning that idea was a no-go for this year. hmm but buying a present isn't a bad idea either... oh well whatever works best i guess.

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