Jul 18, 2012

experienced needed

Hii everyone, so today I had a job interview. It was my first one actually (Y) and I think it went well but not well enough for me to get hired. I'm sure they would pick someone who at least has some experience in a job unlike me [never worked in my life] Which I know is rather sad, but I just hate the fact that I know I would be such a good worker/employee but I'm less likely to get hired because of my lack of experience. Ughh I just know I would be an amazing worker, I'm so hard working and I will do anything it takes, I learn really quickly and am also responsible. Well you win some you lose some... what else can I do. At least I've been called back for an interview, so I guess that's a start. Anyway enough ranting for today. 

As for today's OOTD, I had an interview so this is what I wore. I made the tube top myself from a men's t-shirt and I added the bow/strap for a cute feel to it. And I borrowed the skirt from my sister, it was quite loose on me, hence the belt. And well I always like to wear stockings when I'm wearing a skirt. Ooh and I love the wedge boots above, and I got the bag from my friend Kat for my birthday last year.

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