Mar 1, 2012

cannot wait

Happy first day of March everyone :D this only means 1 thing; 2 more months till I'm officially done my first year of college *yay* I'm actually quite happy not just because of the 4 months of summer that I get D: haha but because I survived these 2 brutal semesters of hard work and late nights (Y) Other then that I get 4 months of summer... how awesome is that?!?! Well everyone who is in uni and college get these 4 months off, unless you're doing summer school :( Summer school only means that your course load for the upcoming semester will be light, so go summer school :] 

Though my plans for the summer sound quite typical for any other teenager, like I said in my previous post I have to find a job.. and I mean HAVE to. My parents are nagging me to get one and yeah they understand that I'm busy with school but stores don't hire just anyone, especially if you have NO experience [me]. Yeah I've never worked before in my life, how sad is that? It's weird because I like the idea of working in a mall or a grocery store even, whatever happens to work out for me. 

Okay so for the past 2 days [hopefully not 3] I've been cleaning my closet and room. A lot of clothes have been taken out of my closet for various reasons... don't fit, don't wear anymore, worn out etc. and I have got to say that it looks really neat and tidy.. just the way I like it :] And my mom's been cleaning out her closet as well.. and guess what she found? Fabric lying around (Y) which is the first picture.. I know they're mostly blue :P and of course she gave it to me, I am going to make some skirts with them when summer comes. Also I've been wearing necklaces more often then before, specifically the 3 above. I find that necklaces or accessories in general help enhance an outfit or sometimes give a pop of colour, though mine are all silver :P I'd like to wear rings more often as well but I don't own that much.

**next paragraph I'll be ranting, read or skip; your choice :]

So this past week I've been whining to my sister about how my hair is not growing/growing very slowly, she's kinda annoyed but I swear it's not growing. Giving myself straight bangs is probably the worst thing I've done to my hair, I mean at the time it seemed like a great idea and the new year had just begun but I want my side bangs back.. yeah yeah this takes time but my bangs are at the stage where it's still straight but not long enough for side swept bangs. And my hair is just really taking its time to grow, it's not even shoulder length yet. *sighs* And since my hair is this short I feel that sometimes I can't wear some of the outfits I put together because of my hair, and it really pisses me off, I don't know if that made sense. And this whole week my bangs have been clipped up.. I've told myself that when my hair grows out long again I will not cut it short [above shoulders] I'm also trying not to touch [cut] it for the whole summer and see how that turns out for me.. though I will trim it just so it can grow quicker. Ok done ranting ^^

My reading week's almost over, but I'm happy that I get Monday's off. I have driving on Saturday and Monday :/ and I'm gonna start making a To Do list for the summer :D I have a lot of things in mind and with 4 months to spare, I hope I'll accomplish everything on it. Ooh yeah and I gave up chips for Lent, which is really hard for me cause I love eating chips :P 

One last thing, I am in love with Big Bang's new mini album, 'Alive' and I love the songs/videos, 'Blue' and 'Bad Boy' <3


  1. I love your accessories! So cute! I am new to blogging and I'm having a giveaway. Please check it out. I am following you now, hope you return the follow. =)

  2. i cannot agree with you more with the whole short hair thing !
    i use to have a bob haircut and after awhile i got sick of it as i wanted to wear much more girlier clothing to compliment with longer hair. It took me at least a year to grow it out.

    AND OMG !!! BIG BANG IS SO GOD DAMN AMAZING!!! i love blue as it steers away from the whole electro pop style and goes back to their old roots like lies and haru haru. and as for bad boy, it is my favourite one out of the album !! cannot express how much i love the mv for it. aahh
    im sorry for leaving such a huge comment !!


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