Sep 1, 2012

all black everything

Happy first day of September everyone ^ o ^

I can't believe school's just a few days away... *sighs* it feels like summer just started yesterday. Oh well, time to get back to reality and go to school like everyone else. So for today I'm wearing my new two tone sleeveless blouse that I got on Monday and paired it with a black tank and high waist shorts. I wanted to keep things simple and casual; I love this blouse because it can also double up as a dress for me, since I'm quite short. And as for accessories, I just used a mustard hair bow to pin back my bangs. I was having a bad hair day :/ though good enough, the bow matches my wallet (Y) Oh and I was talking to my sister while I was taking these pictures, which is why I'm looking to the right side for 3/4 photos :]

Anyway I was doing a little back to school shopping at Curry's and bought a couple things. I got a telescopic storage tube which extends to 41" and has a handy shoulder strap, I've been meaning to get one since last year but I never got around to it. The next thing I got was a green cutting mat; I got a mini sized one [9" x 12"] so I could carry it with me all times. And the last thing I purchased was a see-through ruler.. when I got home I realized I had gotten a 10ths one but I needed an 8ths one :/ Yeah during the school year, mine got stolen and I had to buy another one.. which again, got stolen. So now I gotta go back and exchange this with an 8ths one. I hope they sell 8ths o - o

And last item of the day, my sister was having a hard time styling this skirt. It's a jean skirt from Forever 21 and it's a large size. It doesn't fit either of us since it's too big so I thought belting it would be a good idea. Belting a skirt that's either too loose or big on you, creates a paper bag skirt-like style:

Although I know the skirt itself needs a good ironing, I think it doesn't look too bad belted. And I tried the turban/ scarf tying look on my hair.. I think it'll only look good if my hair is tied up, but that's just my opinion haha.

Well have a great long weekend and I'll be in school/nerd mode for the next post (Y) 

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