Aug 3, 2012

let's get creative

So last week was Yvette's birthday and I obviously took pictures of this amazing gift that I got her. It's a Multi Photo Box from Umbra and it holds up to 500 photos. Haha I made this GIF a while ago but didn't want her to see it if I posted the picture earlier, so I waited till I gave her the gift today.

Remember how I said I had a lot of summer projects to do? Well I did 2 yesterday night. One was a pair of shorts from scratch [pattern and design, super simple though] and a pair of shorts that were once pants.

I absolutely love these shorts, and I wore them out today haha. The fabric is from my mom and I never thought I'd use it until now. The print is a floral one and it's not your typical floral print of shorts and it's just an elastic waistband pair of shorts haha.

And these pants aka shorts; I never wore them as pants and I thought they'd be so cute as high waisted cut off shorts and of course they look amazing. It's not exactly finished yet cause I wanted to stud them as well.. waiting to find a place where I can buy them haha.

And these were a pair of shorts that Yvette bought and wanted to try a scallop hem, unfortunately it didn't work out and that's what happened [after pic] so I cut the right side to match the left and serged the raw edge and turned the hem up and sewed it down. The after picture of the shorts is horrible quality.. my phone camera sucks.

Wahh food from today, had lunch with her and another friend. I got Fettuccine Alfredo while she got a burger.. yummmy.

Again horrible quality :/ I hate it.. anyway here's the after picture of the mug from last week... haha the before picture probably looks better compared to this. Anyway it's finished and I'm already drinking out of it.

And my OOTD.. well technically this was yesterday haha

Anyway that's it for today, I'm super exhausted.. time to read some blog posts :D 

happy long weekend~

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