Feb 16, 2011

it's starting to feel like spring

(^ I've been looking for a thinning knife for a while and I finally found one, and for a good price, $4)
(^ the handle can either be on the right or left side, depending on which side you're using to cut/trim your hair)
        (^ it has a dial so you can make the blade.....)
                                 (^ long or.....)
                                 (^ short....)
                             (^ v other side of the trimmer)

       (^ ahah even though I can't read it, I thought the pictures were cute)

Wow... I think that's the most pictures I've put up in one post @ - @ lol oh well. Anyways today I had last period spare so I went to Pacific Mall with my friend. lol excuse the fact that I'm not wearing shoes in the 2nd, 3rd and 4th picture, i was walking home and my boots got pretty dirty so I didn't want to wear them in my room. I shall clean them later :P anyways back to my story. So yeah for a while I've been looking for a thinning knife for my hair and I wasn't able to find a good quality one for a good price but then today I did (Y), like I said above it was only $4... so cheap :D it works really well and doesn't hurt at all (Y). Yes, I already tried it out lol I also love how there are two side to it, one side is for cutting/trimming more hair while the other is for less. There's also a dial so you can make the blade longer or shorter... longer= cutting/trimming off more hair, while shorter= cutting/trimming less hair. I really love it, and it was a good purchase. Ooh also my dad made noodles for me when I got home, as shown in the pictures above, and there was a piece of fried fish on the side.. yummy ^^ . Oh yeah so remember those boots that I got for $20? well I wore them today and omg my feet hurt a lot, especially since I had to walk home... but they're so pretty lol I still love them though :P and I'm starting to wear this purple scarf a lot, it's more of a magenta colour and has a skull pattern on it. I like the colour and my aunt got it for me from Hong Kong. Anyways the weather here is starting to get better, and it feels like Spring is right around the corner :) yay but it was still pretty windy today, even though I wore my blazer. Tomorrow we have a music competition, I hope we do well (Y) ty Mr. Anton for everything you've prepared us for and never giving up on us :) we'll play our best tomorrow ^^


  1. Dude, I clearly live under a rock, as I've never heard of / seen a thinning knife until now. It looks like an interest piece of equipment..

    I love the colours of this outfit. The magenta and teal are delicious together!

  2. I've never heard of a thinning knife either, but it looks like I gotta find one! LOL. Btw, I love your scarf! =)


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