May 31, 2011

wonders of nature

Last Saturday I spent a lot of my day downtown... hmm from 6:45am to 6:30pm lol. I had my camera with my and just started taking pictures of flowers, trees and etc. I love doing close ups, especially of flowers ^^ and I'm not an expert in photography but I love pictures. Anyways tomorrow's June and just 2 more weeks [or approx.] until exams T -  T its honestly not the time for me to be slacking off. Recently I've been finding myself almost falling asleep on my laptop at 11pm... that's early for me to be that tired and I've been sleeping at 12ish and waking up regular time which is 7am. Ahh maybe I'm just getting lazier since school is almost over? I'm getting over 80 in all my courses... I'm just scared for my Philosophy and English mark after exams... it's going to be crazy. I'll survive but I'm going to miss high school... *sighs*

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