Dec 1, 2011

need some relaxin'

Oh my gosh, this semester is almost over and I might just go crazy... a lot of projects due next week and exams are in 2 weeks D: Anyway, I've just been working on my illustrations, as seen in the last picture.. not that great of an idea to work on my bed, lol too comfy. And I think I'm getting hooked on Tim Horton's French Vanilla Cappuccino Supreme, though it's only a promotional thing so it'll soon be gone, but it's so good (Y) And oh yeah I went to Pmall after classes today with my friend and I saw this Christmas tree made out of shoes... o - o haha I just had to take a picture of it, the things people come up with :P but it looked kinda cool, and they had a whole bunch of cords around it so I'm thinking that they're putting lights along with it? Can't wait to see it lit up though :D I'll try to take a picture if I can. Mmm what else, oh so my dad's coming back from HK this Sunday, I'm excited ^^ yay, haha and we should be putting up our Christmas tree sometime next week. I just looked at my calendar and it's still on November... *walks up, rips off page, back on bed* Omg I have a research report essay due for English this Monday, a group presentation, a test and an assignment is due the following Wednesday. Well I'm going to be nerding it up this weekend B) haha well I do have glasses, so that's what I would look like in emoticon form. Ok well I'm going to manga for a while then sleep, 10:45 class tomorrow, yay get to sleep in for a bit ^^

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