Oct 26, 2011

one happy camper (:

Ok so a load of pictures for today's post ahaha. So you can already tell which are from the Creativ Festival and Market Village [cute plushies] And the first two pictures are the things I got yesterday. So my sister, dad and I went to Vaughn Mills yesterday. I needed a new winter jacket so I was looking in a whole bunch of stores to find one that was warm and affordable. I like the clothes they sell at Urban Planet and I saw this cute jacket that was $40, but it had a red tag on it saying additional $10 off so that means $30 plus I have a UP card that gives me a discount. In the end I got the jacket for $30, you know with tax and whatnot taken off (Y) I say it was a good deal. Next, my military-like lace up boots. Got those at Payless for only $15... D: omg so cheap. So they were already on sale for $35 and y'know I thought that was cheap to begin with so when they scanned it to see the price the register said $15.. I was like huh? and the cashier was really surprised, he asked his manager and they said that they probably forgot to change the price on it so he gave it for $15... omg what a steal! I was very happy yesterday :D and that is my story ^^

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