Aug 16, 2010


woke up with a headache T - T but after taking some medicine i felt better (Y) oh yeah and i love this ring (last pic) it's actually 2 rings in 1.. since the outer ring has a ridge (don't know what to call it) it keeps the inner ring (the one with the design) in place but there's enough room for it to move around and make this ringing sound as if the ring was too big for my finger.. i don't know if any of that made sense but i tried.. wow it doesn't really make sense after rereading this

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  1. cute outfitt! looks comfy! and i hate headaches! heres a lil trick someone taught me to get rid of headaches: rub the in betweens of your thumb and your index finger. it works i swear! just give it some time. hopefully this helps!!

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