Mar 17, 2011

all work and no play...

Today was dedicated to doing my design homework... and I've got to admit it was pretty productive, though I did take long breaks in between :/ ahah and while I was doing my work I asked my sister to take pictures of me... and here's how it went: 

me: hey can you take pictures of me while I'm working?
sister: how come?
me: for my blog :)
sister: you have a blog? [laughs] 
me: yeah...
sister: [takes camera] sure

aha it was pretty funny but she did it for me anyways :) So the design assignment that I've been working on for quite some time now is the mask above. Its suppose to be inspired by a traditional Venetian mask and I chose the Jolly mask, which I have to say looks quite similar. And as a final product of display, my teacher wanted us to draw an illustration of the mask on a person, the mask itself and a flat and a spec. then outline and paint/colour it. Though I'm not finished my final I hope it looks well in the end and I'm planning to paint it using gouache paint (Y). And I need to work more on my [fashion] illustrations, I keep using books as references.. I need to stop, but I gotta keep practicing.


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