Mar 6, 2011

sew what?

This weekend has been devoted to sewing. I went to Fabricland yesterday to buy some materials for homework which I shall explain later, and Simplicity patterns were on sale for only $2!! Like seriously that's cheap, they're usually like $10-15 (Y) So I got 3 new patterns, one of them is skirts, next is rompers and dresses and the last one is a tunic with a belt and ruffled bib. Though the sale is over tomorrow, New Look patterns are on sale for $2 as well, and the week after that McCall's patterns will be on sale 2 for $7 though. All such great sales :D and I also got a Fabricland membership card since I thought, "I'm here a lot so why not get a discount as well?" The price of the membership was on sale as well, it's usually $15 for students but it went down to $11.50 but it expires August of this year, hopefully I'll be able to renew it. (Y) I look forward to making some new clothes over the March Break, which starts this Friday ^^

So about my homework, in my design class, our project was to make and design a Venetian Mask. So my theme was the traditional jolly mask which sort of reminds me of a jester mixed with Harley Quinn from Batman. And for all I knew, we only had to make the mask itself not a whole costume... but as a fashion student my teacher expects me to make some kind of outfit to match the mask, and the main colours I used are red and gold. I based the shirt/dress off of a pattern that I bought yesterday, which was pretty easy to make, and took me the whole of yesterday night to finish, but I'm proud of it. And see the leg warmers that I'm wearing above? I made them to go with the costume and a little hair accessory which is the last picture. My sister said I look like some kind of peasant thought :P I just better get over 90% on this project, I spent a lot of hard work and money on this so hope it pays off. 

Also I trimmed/layered my hair a bit, I did it so when I tied up my hair there would be short layers left over. And I braided it so that the short layers are left, I think it looks nice, as seen above. And I can't believe that it snowed over night, I woke up this morning and was like "It snowed?!" yeah the weather's weird here in Canada.

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  1. i agree with u that the weather has been weird. one week huge snow, the next super sunny. its crazy!
    btw which design school do u go to?


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