Mar 20, 2011

end of the week

So its Sunday evening and I'm just procrastinating my homework till tomorrow, which surprisingly is still March Break... we go back to school on Tuesday (Y) I have a test when I get back but even though it's open book I'm still scared for it :/ and there's still other things I have to worry about like jobs which I am going to the mall tomorrow to look for openings and there are also scholarships... ughh darn essay's and 1000 word letters. Oh yeah so the last picture is one of the ways I tie/wear my scarves. So it's a long rectangular scarf but I tied it to make it look like it was a circle scarf ^^ it's my way of having a circle scarf without having to have an actual circle scarf... maybe I'll do a 'How To' later on but with pictures of course :D Though I know from the picture above it just looks like I'm wearing one of those square scarves... but I promise it's not :P ahah it's kind of deceiving.. well tomorrow I'm not going to be sleeping in cause I've got homework to do and jobs to look for :/ I think I'll wake up around 10ish.. oh by the way the bow hair accessory that I'm wearing above... yeah I made it :) *sighs* it's going to be a long day tomorrow...

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