Jan 16, 2012

colour blind

Weekends yay :D well technically today isn't a weekend but I get Monday's off (Y) And I spent it cleaning and doing homework and exercising, all of which is on my resolutions list hehe. Anyway so I recently found out that Tim Horton's us adding a new size in their coffee... an extra large cup D: omg that's quite big, I meant I don't drink a lot of coffee but is it even necessary? I usually just get a hot chocolate or french vanilla ^^ Oh well anyway on another topic it's been getting a lot colder here and I've been layering up so much D: sweaters, cardigans, shirts, t-shirts and for the bottom I've been wearing thick leggings under my jeans, or sometimes if I don't feel like jeans I'll wear double the leggings along with stockings. But I feel super warm when I'm walking home from the bus (Y) And yum for Crispers btw

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