Apr 3, 2011

already monday

So today my friend Jaclyne and I went to an art show downtown, it's called One of a Kind Art Show, it's their Spring show. It was at the exhibition place [aka CNE], and took 2 hours of busing/subway-ing there and back, but it was really fun. There were free samples of food [ranging from chocolate to spring rolls] and many many business cards were collected from the both of us (Y) We also bought things as well, I got my dad a birthday card since it's his birthday on Friday.. it's one of those humorous birthday cards and its cute, so it says "We decided to all chip in for your birthday." [open card] "This card is pretty great, huh?" we spent a good half an hour [or more] at that booth looking at all the cards and magnets ---> here's their site hugsandkiss|design pretty hilarious :d and there were many other booths that we enjoyed. I should have counted all the business cards that I collected :P and they also have a winter show as well, might go to that too. There's also one during the Victoria Day holiday and during the summer. Hopefully I won't be spending most of my summer days at home, gotta make the most of it before college starts. 

And my first 3 pictures above, it was the main display at One's in Market Village. It's Totoro ^^ sooo adorable and I showed Yvette the picture from my phone and she absolutely loves Totoro haha. And that last picture is my grad photo proofs, don't know which one's to choose yet @ - @

Can't believe the weekend's over, English test on Tuesday, keep working on scholarships and dad's birthday on Friday :D

ok I'm off...

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