Apr 29, 2010

( x - 6 ) ( 2 x + ... wait what?

(my earrings, and what i wore for our school's fashion show- don't mind the messiness of my room> - <)

*sigh* doing my math homework... which i haven't been doing for a few days, so i guess you could say that i'm catching up. we're working with integer exponents... ughh ok well this past month (almost done) has been really busy, a lot of tests, projects, competitions and it was Earth Week. hmm next month, May... still pretty busy but i'll get through it, hopefully. Anyways rmbr the post about my shoes (ahah they're below this post) well i modeled it for our school's fashion show, which was on april 15th and i also modeled the clothes that i made =] i was really nervous before stepping on stage but after walking the catwalk all the nervousness went away *sigh of relief* 

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