Dec 6, 2010

today i'm at home

so yesterday i went out for sushi for Eddie's birthday, [even though its really on the 9th] and it was sooo good. i ate so much food that i'm sure i stuffed myself and then topped it off with dessert, lol one of my friend's ordered 17 mousses because Eddie's turning 17 but there was only 9 of us... we were like why did you order 17?!? we were able to finish it though :P then we went to Eddie's house and the guys played starcraft and some COD while the girls [though there was only 2 of us] just watched. at one point i actually played a game of starcraft.. i was soo reluctant to play it cause i've never played it before but i won only because my friend helped me :P yeahh soo after like 2 hours of being in Eddie's basement i kinda felt a headache coming [i think it's because it was really hot downstairs] so i kinda slept on the bed and sat in one of those office type chairs, it was really comfy. mm so i went home around 9 and i had a headache and fever so i just went to bed. when i woke up this morning i still had a headache and slept in till 11 so i didn't go to school and here i am at home doing some homework. oh yeah it also snowed the whole night, i love snow :D anyways i should get back to work... hopefully i didn't miss much at school

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