May 8, 2013

long awaited days

Hello blogging world, I'm back again after not posting for quite some time. Since my last post, a lot has happened :) Well first off, I'm on Instagram now so if you want you could follow me there; my user is itsbetty_ann.

And I got to meet up with a lot of friends who I haven't seen in a long time. Anyway this post is mostly going to be pics with captions, so enjoy :D.

Sushi lunch with Cathleen, we ate so much haha.

A top that was one thigh length and is now a crop top with a lace trim :)

Very simple outfit, you'll be seeing a lot of this jean jacket.

There it is again, hehe.

Was invited to one of my dad's friend's daughter's 1 month birthday, she was soo adorable and small.

I got bored in the car, so I took some pictures haha I'm such a poser.

Oh yeah this picture is for Yve, I wanted to show her how high my heels were, good thing I didn't have to walk much in these. Though I wish I was able to break them in more.

Table # 12, fancy dinner.

Thank you card and souvenir.

Isn't she adorable? Her name is Chloe ^^

Neutral outfit, really like my skirt in this one.

Officially loving this cereal, the box is almost empty cause I eat it a lot.. like a lot a lot, even without milk sometimes.

Nice weather for just lounging around at home on my laptop.

A little DIY project I wanted to do. A make-up holder from a Pringles can. Very simple and will cost you almost nothing. 

So I found this old 'newspaper' printed gift bag and I cut it the height and the circumference of the can.

 I used double sided tape to hold it in place.

Next I used this stencil that I got at Dollarama, it's practically a removable sticker. I measured, cut, stuck, and painted.

Next is the fun part, peeling the stencil off and seeing your design.

Let it dry and you're done; put whatever make-up products in it. Mine consists of eyeliner, mascara, brushes and combs.

Well that's it for this post; this weekend is Mother's Day and I'll be making my mom an apron (Y) hope it goes well. I will make sure to do a post of it.

Have a great week.

take care~

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  1. Hi, cool outfits and DIY. Btw, welcome back to the blogosphere!



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