Apr 28, 2013

my week in photos

So like I said in my last post, I got a new phone and I've gotta say... absolutely loving it. Summer vacation is also good, too bad I have a summer project to do :/

I was going to get this top from Forever 21 but I didn't like the colour too much. But it was only $10.99 (Y)

I thought this Frank Gehry pop up book was so cute, it reminded me of being a kid again.

Cleaning my sewing room :/

My stack of fashion magazines ^^

Cute little packing bags from One's

A horrible thing happened to these beauties..... 

Lol totally ruined and broken :( It was quite hard to walk in them though, good thing I was almost home.


My sister and I with a full face of make-up, and accomplished in under 3 minutes :D

I'm really happy that my summer vacation is 4 months long. Although I know that summer project is going to kill me :(

I'll try to start soon (Y).

take care~

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