Sep 13, 2013

I lied :/

Hello :) so like I said previously I am suppose to continue the OOTW but unfortunately this whole week I didn't take pics of my ootd. Boo, I know, as well I don't think I'll continue the OOTW's, maybe an outfit post on occasion but not everyday. I've got to really buckle down and focus since this is my last and final year of school, I'm actually really nervous and scared :/ ahh I don't know where I'll be after school's done.

*sighs* gotta keep at it and just focus on my goals.

till next time, take care~

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  1. Hey there!
    Thanks for following my blog. I love your blog, it must be so nice to know how to sew. And btw, I love bows too!

    xx Sophie


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