Nov 12, 2012

late again

Okay so as usual I'm late again on a post.. :( ughh school's been so hectic and I swear there's not enough time to finish everything. The only good thing I'm looking forward to is winter break and I finish exams on the 13th so I'm really happy. Anyway here's last week's OOTW:

So on Monday for my design class, my collection/presentation boards were due for class. I had stayed up on Sunday till 3am and worked, but unfortunately didn't finish. So I had to wake up at 6am on Monday morning to finish and then go to school to print some stuff. It was really stressful and definitely my fault for starting the day before it's due. But my design boards look good right? Ahaha I was proud of them, even though it was last minute.

So I didn't take a photo of my Tuesday OOTD cause I had a trip and we had to wear "clothes-we-didn't-care-if-it-got-dirty" Yeah. Haha but here's Wednesday's OOTD. I decided to go with all black.. I had trouble deciding what to wear in the morning. And of course to make things look nicer, I wore my bow headband.

Thursday I decided to curl my hair.. got a straightener for $30 and it came with a mini travel size straightener for travel (Y) It works really nicely and for only $30 you're getting 2? Why not :) I felt like last week I wore black a lot. Well I'm just wearing a men's XXL striped v-neck (belted) with a long blue patterned cardigan, leggings and boots.

I didn't do a Friday OOTD either but I did go to school on Saturday to help a friend with homework. So the shirt above is something I made for my Knitwear class, I literally traced over a cardigan I had for the pattern. And the draped fabric in the picture above is a tank top I'm making for Knitwear as well, it's not finished yet but I will take pics when it is.

 And last but not least, my Sunday OOTD. It was Remembrance Day on Sunday and I really liked my outfit, resembled a poppy very well (Y). I'm wearing my floral bralette under my black double breasted cardigan, black shorts along with tights, oxford-like pumps, my red long jacket, knit circle scarf and my black vintage purse.

I think that's about it for last week, sorry again for the late posts. I can't guarantee that it will happen again but I'll try my best to make it for this Friday's OOTW.

till then~

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  1. I love your collection, its so pretty and stunning! And love your red coat!

    xx Sophie


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