Dec 2, 2012

and we're slowly coming to an end

Wow it's been such a long week.. and 2 more to go actually. But I'm glad that I am able to post this today instead of tomorrow.. like my last posts :/ Anyway here are last week's OOTW:

Yes I actually went to the Ontario Science Centre, I actually had to go for an assignment for my Cultural Anthropology class. It was a lot of fun and I had a blast.. I felt like I was back in grade 6, which was the last time I visited.

People must have thought I was crazy or something... well because I was wearing tights. I think if you layer properly you should be fine. And as long as you have a jacket or coat that covers your butt. Anyway I was okay for that day. I was wearing my long grey cardigan, my threadless shirt, grey shorts, tights and black booties.

I really like this turtle neck that my sister gave to me which she got from my mom.. haha. She told me it wouldn't look good with anything she wore so I was like let me have it. I thought it'd go really nice with black since its a turquoise colour and it adds a pop of colour to an outfit. So I just paired it with black shorts, tights, knee high socks, and lace up boots. Oh and of course a hair bow (Y)

Thursday's outfit was more simple then the last 2. I wore my grey "I need that" top, grey leggings and boots. And I got a large French Vanilla Supreme from Tim Horton's, first time trying it and I really liked it. I wanted it mostly for the cup.. I'm so lame haha.

And Friday's OOTD I didn't really bother with because I stayed late at school and when I got home I just worked more. So in the end I was uber tired, but I went to Market Village today and they had all their Christmas decorations up; it was really pretty. I ran a couple errands today as well, went to Curry's, One's, and downtown to buy some fabric for another project... D: honestly with no job I'm literally going to be broke soon QQ And for lunch/dinner, me, my sister and my dad went to Pizza Hut (Y) It was my first time trying pizza with the crust stuffed with cheese.... man was it good!

Well that was my week in a post, like I keep saying.. I'm going to die from the workload. But I did get a lot done this weekend and I plan on getting a lot done tomorrow and Tuesday (Y) wish me luck!

till next time- take care~

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