Jan 19, 2011

ok just one more to go (Y)

so friday is my last exam, which is math.. eww and after that i'm done with this semester :D but i still have band practice and stuff after lol. 2nd semester starts on feb 1st and i can't wait :) i'm soo sick of math but i love having second period spare, lol even though everyone says it sucks, i think i've grown to like it and have another spare in 2nd semester but i don't know what period its in. oh well... mm so i should be studying like crazy with no distractions right? but guess what? i can't help but get distracted and procrastinate... like i got home around 5ish and i watched tv till 7:00 and started homework at 8... T - T i have horrible time management, i wish i didn't procrastinate but like i said.... can't ... help... it .. crap!! back to math for me :/ hahah i though the picture above was cute. and this is what i should be doing... but instead i'm more like this @ - @

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